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Introducing the Green-I GI2DPC, Double Dimmer with Presence Detection, 60-150W 2G dimmer switch with PIR

  2010-11-09         admin         Product News » Switches and Sockets News
Part of the new energy saving range of switches and dimmers from CP Electronics - the Green-I dimmers - the Green-I GI2DPC is a twin dimmer with PIR for wall mounting. This is a dual channel presence detection dimmer switch, remote control compatible(available separately) - a green-i energy saving double dimmer no neutral with presence detection! This switch has a built-in presence detector which helps to save energy. After sensing no presence, the lights automatically switch off and can even be programmed to switch lighting on when presence is detected.

The remote control handset can be used to turn the switch on and off, dim up and down, set scenes for mood lighting and access the switch functions(available separately). Also, each green-i switch is supplied with a white fascia. Brushed bronze and brushed stainless steel effect fascias are available separately. Four different lighting scenes can be programmed using the remote control. One touch dimming or brightening and scene recall are all possible.

Replace your switch or dimmer with this energy saving and fully controllable wall mounted device! Save both money and energy by adding this smart device which detects your presence and turns on the light!

More Green-I GI2DPC Technical Features

  • Double dimmer: Dimmer control for two lighting circuits from the same switch;
  • Digital dimmer: Top button - Short press turns lights on, long press lights dim up. Bottom button - Short press turns lights off, long press lights dim down;
  • Movement sensing: Auto on/Auto off facility – After sensing no movement, the lights automatically switch off. Optional automatic switch on when movement sensed;
  • Remote control: Can be operated via a remote control handset to turn on and off, dim up and down, set scenes and access the switch functions. Available separately;
  • Interchangeable fascias: Supplied with a set of white, brushed bronze and brushed stainless steel effect fascias. Available separately;
  • Security mode: Can be programmed to automatically turn on lights for a set number of hours then switch off;
  • Night light mode: Lights will remain on at a very low level to help children settle at night;
  • Stylish green LED ring: Helps to locate the switch in the dark and the brightness of the soft green glow can be set to suit your room;
  • Four programmable scenes: Ideal for setting mood lighting and easy to set using the remote control handset;
  • Adjustable dimmer fade speed: The speed of the on/off dimming feature can be set using the remote control;
  • 2 way circuit with slave terminal: Can be used with an extra light switch (not second dimmer) for two way switching;
  • Lux level sensing: Adjustable lux sensors will keep the lighting switched off if there is sufficient natural light;
  • Compatible with all the lamp types: 10A (low voltage halogen, halogen, incandescent, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, and 2D fluorescent);
  • Load Rating at 230VAC: # Low Voltage Halogen - min. 60W, max. 300W; # Incandescent - min. 60W, max. 300W(the transformer needs to be suitable for lead edge dimming);
  • Time Delay: 1minute to 30minutes;
  • More Technical Details about the CP Electronics green-i range GI2DPC;
  • Green-I GI2DPC online at SparksDirect - details, prices, and online order.
Buy online the Green-I double dimmer with PIR via the Occupancy Detectors and Switches section, or read more about the Green-I range of energy saving devices from CP Electronics and the GIPDC, a Green-I Presence Detection Switch and No Neutral PIR(single presence detection switch).