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IP20 5W/m 4000K 24V Dimmable LED Striplight Self-adhesive 120deg Beam 420-500lm/m 5m Reel

Model No. LS1F4 by: FossLED
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This is the FossLED FLS1-0N1S1X, a 5m reel of 24V DC LED striplight with an IP20 rating, 5W/m, 4000K cool white, dimmable, self-adhesive, with a 120 degrees beam, and offering 420-500lm per metre.

Please note: unless you use a linear LED strip (see the Nano range), the LED dots of this LED strip can be seen through the diffuser, even if you use a deeper channel. The LED channel/aluminium profile and diffuser need to be ordered separately.

It is part of the fossLED ECO series of 5W per metre LED strips featuring branded high efficiency 2835 SMD LEDs on a 2oz PCB board for a durable finish.

Please note: due to the nature of these items, we cannot take them back as unwanted. Please make sure this is the correct item you require before purchasing.

It is an easy mounting LED strip thanks to the self-adhesive tape at the back (3M 300LSE), and it comes backed up by a 5 year extended manufacturer's warranty. 

5W/m 4000K Dimmable LED Strip - Technical Specs

  • IP rating: IP20 rated
  • Low voltage supply: 24V DC, LED driver required
  • LED Type: it uses 2835 SMD LEDs on a 2oz PCB board
  • Single binning
  • CRI: 92+
  • Dimming: dimmable LED strip with a dimmable LED driver
  • Wattage: 5W/metre, 420-500 lumens per metre
  • Color temperature: 4000K cool white
  • Beam angle: 120 degrees
  • Packing: 5m reel
  • 60 LEDs per 1000mm 
  • Cut points every 100mm 
  • Width: 8mm 
  • Product code: fossLED FLS1-0N1S1X
Lights Specific
Base LED integrated
Colour White
Dimmable yes
Energy Type Requires LED driver
IP Rating IP20
Lamp Style Modern
Lamp Type LED Strip Light
Light Color 4000K
Lumens 420-500lm/m
Number of Lamps 60 LEDs/meter
Rooms Living Room, Office
Tasks Strip Light
Wattage 5W/m
Zone Rating 3
Range LED strip lighting
Cutout not applicable

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LED tape and LED strips: what are the types, uses, and do you really need them?

LED strips (also known as LED tapes) are a fantastic way to add attractive accent lighting to almost any room. They are inexpensive, easy to install and can alter the look and atmosphere of a space immediately. This type of lighting has proven to be equally popular in residential, retail and hospitality environments. Its adaptability and variety of aesthetic possibilities means that it can provide attractive effects such as wall-washing, edge-lighting and under-cabinet lighting. Before you hop on board the LED strip bandwagon, you should consider a few things: what types do you plan to use? For what purposes will the strip lighting be utilised? Are they really essential for how and where you plan to apply them? Sparks will endeavour to answer all these questions in this article. The LED strip light - its primary purposes and the abundance to choose from Hundreds of lighting manufacturers make LED strip lights, and the different kinds of tape have dozens of applications. This may provide a head-scratcher to the average member of the public who is looking to simply buy some LED strip lighting. There are two main purposes for LED tape, either functional or aesthetic (although of course, they may be a mixture of both). Functional lighting will amplify the illumination in any given space, whilst aesthetic lights are intended to lend some decorative ambience. LED strips can be installed indoors or outdoors depending on the IP rating of the strip and any accessories. This previous blog post from Sparks explores some of the imaginative appliances of LED strips. Key choices to make on lumen output with LED tape Some LED strips manage to emit more light per metre than fluorescent lighting. This is made all the more impressive as the light is focused, rather than dispersed in all directions as with a fluorescent tube. So high output tape is readily available on the market, and we sell many varieties of it here at Sparks from esteemed manufacturers such as Teucer LED. The 1438mm Cool White LED offers an incredible 1730 lumens and can be connected to other strip lighting. The linkable, slim LED light is ideal for kitchen lighting, cove lighting, cabinet lighting, under-shelf lighting and retail applications. Alan Tulla, the technical editor at Lux, states that LED tapes emitting 2,000lm/m or more would be considered among the highest end of the spectrum. However, such high output would risk wasteful energy output especially if they were to be mistakenly left on. So it is important that you find a balance between the right light output that will illuminate your room as you wish, without wasting electricity. If you are looking for a lower output LED tape, then there is the IP20 2700K Dimmable LED from Foss LED. This nifty LED tape produces only 420/500 lumens per metre, meaning that it is perfect to use as decorative or mood lighting - in your bedroom for instance, or in the living room. Key choices to make on colour rendering with LED strip lights You get more lumens per watt with cool-colour-temperature LEDs (around 4000K) and therefore more lumens per metre. This may mean more value for money to some. However, the disadvantage is that at low levels of illumination (maybe from dimming) the light from cool-light LEDs can look dull, with a ‘greyish’ tint. This is especially important when considering what your priorities are in lighting an area. For retail, hospitality and residential applications, colour rendering is considered more important than maximum light output. Generally, for indoor applications, you should aim to use tape with a CRI of 80 or more. This 3000K warm light LED Strip is a brilliantly efficient strip light from Teucer LED, which has a CRI rating of >80. The colour temperature of LED tape is important for aesthetic reasons. Warmer colour temperatures, such as 2700K - 3000K, works well for residential and low-illumination locations. Designers believe that such colour temperatures makes people’s skin appear more attractive, with the R9 red in the light being of particular importance. You can find the amount of R9 on the technical specifications for any given LED tape. There are obviously many cases where the appearance of people's skin will not factor into your light choice. If you are back-lighting a sign or trying to imitate daylight with a false skylight or window, then a 4000K+ level will be more acceptable.Buy Warm White LED Strips Final tips on working with LED Strips Think about what surface these strips will be mounted on. LEDs aren’t suited for high temperatures, and so the LED tape should be fixed to a good ‘heat sink’ like a U-shape aluminium extrusion. Low wattage tapes aren’t so demanding in terms of dissipating heat and you may not need a heat sink. Still, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you are considering using an LED strip, ask for independently verified test data. Try a working sample. Ideally, do a small trial in the actual application. If you are using a lot of LED strip lights, make sure you are not using inefficient ones. Also, make sure the LED driver has a high power factor to avoid blackouts and malfunctions. Most of the suppliers we recommend make both high output and high colour rendering tape, so it is not always going to be a choice between the two. Some successfully combine the two with great results. One final point is to check the distance between the LEDs. The smaller the distance, the more uniform is of the line of light. Using the help given in this article, we here at Sparks hope you can wisely choose the LED strip light with all the knowledge you require to get the job done right!

How and why LED Cove Lighting could be the Next Big Thing in Indoor Lighting

Cove lighting is a form of indirect lighting built into ledges, recesses or high up on the walls of a room, and LED cove lighting adds a lovely energy-saving and fully customisable aspect to it. It directs light up towards the ceiling and down adjacent walls. It may be used as primary lighting or as an aesthetic complement, especially to highlight decorative ceilings. Cove lighting previously referred to a row of LEDs placed behind the framework above a window (or plasterboard moulding). However, with the advent in the popularity of LED strip lighting, they are now seen in a wider variety of locations. The resurgence in cove lighting shows that designers are responding inventively to new avant-garde style houses. In this article, we will explore the benefits of cove lighting and whether it may be right for your home or property. Where is it suitable to place LED cove lighting for optimal style and convenience? Cove lighting is now a common feature in dropped ceilings, or the ‘architectural slot’ (a slot usually placed along a ceiling). This slot reaches to within a few centimetres of the wall. Alan Tulla, the technical editor at Lux, believes that the typical modern home is full of suitable locations for cove lighting. He says: Once you start looking… you will find that there are scores of aluminium extrusions of different shapes and dimensions to suit just about any shape of ceiling/wall and room configuration Some cove systems must be plastered in and require skilled builders, while others are very easy to fit yourself. Sparks offers a whole range from FOSS LED who both have a large and most advanced range of strip lights in the UK. Many of the more flexible cove systems will bend in one or two planes, meaning they can be guided in different directions across a surface. This would be ideal, for instance, if you wanted a cove lighting system that began in your living room and then angled off into your open plan kitchen.Buy FossLED LED Striplights Factors to consider when choosing LED cove lighting - practical or aesthetic? A key decision to make is whether your cove lighting will be merely nice to look at, or actually have a practical use. A single faint glowing light across your kitchen will lend it a decorative glow, but will not be bright enough to help you find cooking utensils in the middle of the night. If you take the more practical option, with more optimal light output, then you can illuminate an entire room. This will give enough illumination to actually help you find your way about. Other forms of lighting, such as T5 fluorescent battens can emit well over 2,000lm/m which is bright enough to indirectly light a room. However, unlike cove lighting, they can only be used in straight lines and are limited to fixed lengths.Factors to consider when choosing cove lighting - placement and colour rendering One thing to consider, however, is why should you choose cove lighting as an option in the first place? It is considered a ‘decorative’ kind of lighting so the way in which it is placed is very important. The LEDs in a cove lighting system should not be too bright as to distract or cause glare. However, you can easily overcome this by locating them away from ‘hot spots’, e.g areas which are already well illuminated by other lights. It is wise to place them over matt surfaces which are known to minimise these ‘hot spots’, as opposed to glossy surfaces which will maximise the effect. Colour rendering is an important factor when it comes to cove lighting. LED fixtures can produce illumination in a range of colour temperatures and intensities. This includes the warm tones of incandescent fixtures and pure white tones that are perfect for rendering other colours. FossLED stock brilliantly convenient and powerful strip lighting with high CRI ratings. For example, their 24V Dimmable LED Striplight offers an incredible CRI of 92+.Buy Cove LED Light Strips The benefits of LED cove lighting summarised Indirect cove lighting is decorative illumination at its finest, showcasing the delicate features of any space. These fixtures are available as strip lamps and are easily kept out of sight. The low profile is crucial to their aesthetic appeal because they rely on softer illumination to create a warm glow. This is opposed to traditional fixtures mounted in the ceiling which are exposed, producing harsher radiance and shadows. Cove lighting systems will perfectly blend in with furniture or architectural features - so look into the relevant drivers, connectors and striplights that Sparks has to offer. Cove lighting can subtly complement a classy, modern home without drawing attention - it may be the perfect lighting solution for you.


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