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ELAN LED 8W 3000K Fire Rated Tilt Downlight Dimmable with Black Bezel IP20 rated 800lm 60deg Beam

Model No. ELANT3BK
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This is the ELAN LED Tilting Downlight 3000K 800lm IP20 Dimmable Fire Rated with 60 degrees Beam Angle ELAN-T-3K-BK complete with the Black bezel.

It has a high lumen output and can be dimmed - flicker free and smooth dimming - with most standard LED dimmers.

It is IP20 rated and it is also fire rated - 30, 60, 90 minute fire rated - timber joist. 

ELAN LED Tilting Downlight 8W 3000K Fire Rated Dimmable Black - Features

  • It has a high lumen output, 800lm
  • Dimmable LED lamp, flicker free & smooth dimming with most standard LED dimmers
  • It comes with a fast fix connector
  • It is fire rated: 30, 60, 90 minute fire rated - timber joist
  • Engineered joist tested including i-joist & posi joist -details on request
  • It has a 60 degrees beam angle
  • It is 0-100% dimmable
  • Bezel: it comes complete with the Black bezel (it is available in matt white, brushed nickel, white, black, and chrome).

Black ELAN LED Tilting Downlight 8W 3000K Fire Rated Dimmable - Specs

  • Tilting downlight: the lamp can be tilted
  • Lumens: 800lm
  • Colour temperature: 3000K warm white
  • Voltage: 240V mains voltage
  • Wattage: 8W
  • CRI: 80
  • IP rating: IP20 rated, suitable for bathroom zone 3 only
  • Dimming: dimmable LED downlight
  • Lampholder: integrated LED, non-replaceable
  • Beam angle: 60 degrees
  • Dimensions: 56mm depth, 96mm diameter
  • Cutout: 82mm diameter
  • Class II electrical rated, double insulated fitting
  • Temperature: suitable for use in ambient temperatures up to +25 degrees Celsius
  • For indoor use only.
  • It should not be covered by insulation.
Lights Specific
Base LED integrated
Colour Black
Dimmable yes
Electrical Rating Class 2 - Double Insulated
Energy Type Mains Voltage 240V
Fire Rating 30, 60 and 90 minutes
IP Rating IP20
Lamp Style Modern
Lamp Type LED Light
Light Color 3000K
Lumens 800lm
Number of Lamps 1
Rooms Living Room, Office
Tasks Downlight
Total Wattage 8
Wattage 8
Zone Rating 3
Range ELAN-LED Downlights
Cutout 82mm diameter

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10W ELAN-LED Fixed Downlights - 6 Distinct Features Setting them Apart

With the continual technological advancement in the LED lighting industry sometimes it is hard to keep the step with what's the most current one. But have no fear, we at Sparks Electrical Wholesalers have a lot of hands-on experience both with physical customers and online with our e-commerce site, and we can offer you the advice you need for an educated choice for your lighting. Specifically, today we will present six features of the ELAN COB LED downlights that set them apart, making them Top of the Range and the Best LED Downlights out there at this point in time. Hear us out and then let us know what do you think. 1. 10W LED Downlights - Energy Saving This ELD Lighting made ELAN range of fixed downlights uses the latest in LED lighting, with a very high lumen light output (580lm) and a 40-degree beam angle. Energy-saving Chip-On-Board with remote driver for improved performance and heat management. Top-of-the-notch LED downlights. 2. Fully Dimmable LED lights As if the LED lights are not energy-saving enough, the ELAN LED fixed downlights are also fully dimmable with all types of switch. Fully dimmable means that they can go all the way from the full brightness to the "complete darkness" as needed. This kind of technology is not incorporated in most other LED lights (which are max. 30% dimmable). 3. Fire Rated Fittings In order to comply with the latest Building Regulations, the ELAN LED downlights are fire protected up to 30, 60, and 90 minutes. This means that when you purchase these fittings you can count on them to withstand fire for 30, 60, and even 90 minutes. Energy saving - check. Dimmable - check. Fire-rated - check. Wait, there's even more! 4. Fully IP65 Rated Lights The IP rating allows or hinders you from using a certain light fitting in the bathroom or even in the shower. The 10W ELAN LED fixed downlights are fully IP65 rated, which allows them to be used as ceiling recessed lights in the bathroom and even in the shower. They are fully protected against dust, particles, and even the splash of water. 5. Chips-On-Board LED technology Read more about what COB technology implies here, but in simple terms, it means that it is an LED lamp that looks like a dichroic lamp, allowing you at the same time to dim the light to virtually 0%. The latest COB reflector technology incorporated in the ELAN-LED fixed downlights delivers the look and feel of a halogen luminaire but with all the benefits of LED! 6. Price: Best Value for Money! You would expect that such a fitting with so many great technologies and protections incorporated would cost as much as £50 + VAT, but you can't be farther from the truth. We haven't talked yet of the warm white / cool white options, the interchangeable finishes/bezels, the incorporated driver, the small size, etc. But the price is more than affordable - the ELAN-LED fixed dimmable downlights are available at SparksDirect at the Best Value for Money! Check out their prices online - they are continually dropping!

More About the Latest and Most Affordable LED Technology (COB, Chips on Board)

The LEDs are a fast evolving technology, from small lamps to higher wattage lamps. They will eventually get to the point where they will replace the high incandescent lamps and even the fluorescent lamps. But not yet. Not this year, but most likely soon, the LED lights will be THE LIGHTS people will use (unless someone develops a better technology for lighting). There is a continual need for innovation in this domain, and it is foreseen that the LED lights are to be the new technology as far as illumination is concerned. LED Lighting Continues to Improve We wrote an article a while ago introducing some of the advantages and disadvantages of the LED lights, and someone recently commented rightly on it saying that CFLs and T5 fluorescent lamps can offer a better CRI (color rendering) illumination output. In the beginning people loved LED lights because of the light effect they offer, and not the color rendering, the illumination effect. Especially the small, tiny LED lights, they offer more lighting effect, giving out the light but not yet matching what we used to have with a dichroic lamp, a CFL, or a fluorescent fitting. The light output is not as crisp, as good, and as useful for general lighting as the lighting solutions we are used to have. But now with the latest LED technologies out there, you can have COB LED lights (Chips on Board). This technology allows multi LED chips to be packaged together as one lighting module, and when it lights up, it looks like a lighting panel (see more here). The Latest LED Technology - COB Halers LED lighting were the market leaders in the affordable LED lights approx. 6 months ago, but now it is the COB technology for the LED lighting. The CREE Chip is also good, the "Rolls Royce of LED Chips", offering brightness and reliability for power LEDs (plus efficient, environmentally friendly LED lights) - read more via Note: the Halers LED lamps are no longer available at Sparks. The COB technology will allows the LED lights using it to be dimmable to almost 0 (not 25-30%, as many LED lights do today), and they offer an improved lighting output quality, bringing it more to the color rendering we are used to in the older light bulbs (CFLs, compact fluorescent, etc). Here are some of their advantages: Higher quality. Since the entire PCB (including the LED portion) is all machine-produced at the same time, the end result will be more uniform in construction. Increased thermal dissipation. Better thermal management, because the LED is directly attached to the PCB, giving it more surface area to pass heat away from the LED die. Fewer solder joints. Less soldering means a lower risk of a loss in performance due to a bad solder joint. Larger LED surface area. The better control of the cooling, the larger LED emitters can be built. What's Next for LED Lights? The LED technologies are in a continual development, and we don't know what the future holds for the space of lighting in general. Would we use LED lights in all the lighting applications? Not yet, maybe not in all general lighting applications, because they are still expensive and the light they offer is not refined to be what we need... But as time gos on, as the LED technologies evolve, the LED lights become better and their price is not that high. For now we can recommend you the latest technology of LEDs incorporated in the ELAN range of IP65 fire rated LED downlights available at Sparks for as low as £39 + VAT. Very affordable. They include many of the latest technologies like COB, fire protection, IP rating, energy saving, etc. Also, they come in the Fixed or Adjustable version (fixed or tilting), and each range offers you either Neutral White or Warm White light, in a White or Brushed Nickel finish. Check these out for yourself!

How you can have LED Lighting all Around the House even on a Low Budget!

The LED lights are no longer merely a fancy light-emitting diodes solution for coloured lighting or indicators on electrical devices and appliances; the LED technology is evolving to the point that today you can safely have LED lights all around the house, and this even with a low budget! As seen above, we at Sparks we have a dedicated section that compiles most of the LED lights and LED fittings that we do at the moment, and even at a glance you will be amazed at the wide range of light fittings available that either use or can take LED light bulbs! LED Lighting All Around the House - even with a Low Budget! If you are like most of us, you would like to have LED lights (since they are both energy-saving and "the new thing") all around the house, and, if possible, these lights should also be dimmable. And we know this because MOST of our customers ask us via email, website, phone, chat, Twitter, and in-person something like this, I want a LED light that is dimmable - do you have any? Of course we do :) and we will continue to bring them in as long as the are high quality, serviceable, replaceable, and with excellent feedback. And the greatest thing about the LED lights is that their price is going lower and lower, even though they incorporate the latest LED technology! Here are some of the LED lights you could install all around the house without having to bleed money or have a heart attack when you see the price:Buy LED Lights at Sparks Indoor LED Lighting The wide range of LED Lights for interior lighting includes LED wall lights, ceiling lights, table lights, undershelf lights, bathroom lights, table lights, bedside lights, etc. For example, the ELAN-LED range of LED downlights is a great solution for dimmable downlights offering a neutral white or a warm white light and coming in white, chrome, or nickel finish. And if you want to change the bezel of this fitting, you can easily do so with the available brass, black, or chrome bezels available, both in a round and in a square version. Moving to the pendant lights, the Firstlight 8613 bar pendants and most of the high-quality pendants can use a LED light bulb, many of which are also dimmable. For a nice concealed lighting we would recommend the USLED range of LED undershelf strip lights - nice looking under-shelf strip lights for anywhere in the house (except the bathroom). In the bathroom you can either use some IP44 rated wall or ceiling lights which take LED, and above the mirror the OMLED10 will definitely save you both money and energy. Do you want to have a bedside table lamp or an LED spotlight with a flexible head mounted on the wall by the bed? There's a wide range of bedroom LED lights, from LED table lamps to children's lamps, bedside lamps, reading lamps, etc. You should definitely check out the NX326 Mento LED light.Buy ELAN-LED Downlights Outdoor LED Lighting Say "goodbye" to the high wattage and high energy consumption halogen flood lights and "Hello" to the energy-saving LED flood lights! Whether you want to light up the building facade or make sure unwanted visitors are surprised by the PIR-triggered light beam, the LED flood lights are now more affordable and useful than ever. For more concealed lighting and highlighting outdoors you can safely use the many LED strip lights for outdoor. They come in warm white, cool white, or even in RGB color changing if you prefer this, and some of them can be even remotely controlled. For a more fancy rectangular wall-mounted LED fitting you should take a look at the Astro Lighting Puzzle AX0931 LED light - it will puzzle both you and your guests as you can hardly see where the light source is! And if you are not convinced yet, we would like to invite you to visit the LED lighting section on our website where you can see more, read more, and choose the best LED light fitting that you need.Buy Outdoor LED Flood Lights If you're from around London and you would like to see how the LED downlights, wall lights, strip lights, etc look like, you can pay us a visit in Archway at our Lighting Showroom - we're open daily from 8.00am to 5.00pm, and on Saturday from 8.30am to 2.00pm.


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