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Mashiko 360 Classic Bathroom Wall Light IP44 in Bronze and White Diffuser 2 x 7W max Candle E14/SES, Astro 1121055

Model No. AX8224 by: Astro Lighting
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This is the Astro Lighting 8224 Mashiko 360 Classic rectangular bathroom wall-mounted lamp coming in a Bronze finish and a white glass diffuser.

Ideal for mounting in the bathroom beside the mirror, this stylish modern fitting uses 2 x 7W max. LED Candle lamp with an E14/SES lamp cap and has an IP44 rating which allows it to be used in bathroom zones 2 and 3.

It can be safely mounted on the wall in the bathroom (IP44 rated) either vertically or horizontally, as needed.

Mashiko 360 Classic Bathroom Wall Light in Bronze

  • Part of the Mashiko range of bathroom lights from Astro, this is the Mashiko 360 Classic bathroom wall-light in Bronze.
  • Finish: Bronze finish with white glass diffuser.
  • SKU: 1121055
  • Lamp used: it takes 2 x 7W max. LED candle E14/SES (to be ordered separately)
  • Max. wattage: 2 x 40W (max) E14/SES lamps, not included. 
  • Max. lamp length: 125mm
  • Dimming: dimmable fitting if dimmable lamps are used.
  • Smart lighting: it is Casambi compatible with Casambi Phase Dimmer / Relay; it is compatible with the Casambi accessories.
  • IP rating: IP44 rated, suitable for bathroom zones 2 and 3.
  • Mounting: it can be mounted on the wall only, horizontal or vertical mounting. 
  • Class I electrical rated, earthed fitting.
  • Dimensions: height 360mm, width 80mm, depth 80mm.
  • F Mark: can be mounted on normally flammable surfaces.
  • Weight: 1.67kg.
  • CE Mark. 

Model: Astro Lighting 8224 Mashiko 360 bathroom wall light in Bronze (1121055).

Lights Specific
Base E14 /SES
Colour Bronze
Dimmable yes
Electrical Rating Class 1 - Earthed fitting
Energy Type Mains Voltage 240V
Fire Rating F Marked
IP Rating IP44
Lamp Style Modern
Lamp Type Candle Bulb
Light Color Lamp Dependant
Lumens Lamp Dependant
Number of Lamps 2
Projection 80
Rooms Bathroom
Tasks Wall
Total Wattage 14
Wattage 7
Zone Rating 2 and 3
Range Mashiko Wall / Ceiling Lamp
Cutout not applicable

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What To Look for In Bathroom Mirror Lighting

The bathroom mirror is not just a functional necessity. It’s a focal point of our daily grooming routines, a reflection of our personal style, and a space where we seek both functionality and aesthetic appeal.Amidst the array of design choices available, one often overlooked aspect is the lighting that accompanies this essential piece of our daily ritual. The right bathroom mirror lighting can transform a dull and mundane space into a captivating sanctuary that combines functionality, style and ambiance.Below, we delve into the world of bathroom mirror lighting, exploring the different types, the essential factors to consider when selecting the perfect lighting solution and some of the best options available. Whether you're renovating your bathroom or simply looking to elevate its ambiance, we've got you covered with expert insights and practical advice.Before reading on, you can check out our ultimate bathroom lighting guide for important background information.Types of bathroom mirror lightsWhen it comes to bathroom mirror lighting, there are various options to consider. Each type of lighting offers its unique advantages and aesthetic appeal, allowing you to find the perfect solution that suits your needs and enhances the functionality and style of your bathroom.Overhead lightingOverhead lighting, also called over-mirror wall lighting, is a popular choice to illuminate your bathroom mirror. These fixtures are typically mounted directly above the mirror. They provide a broad and evenly distributed light that eliminates shadows and ensures optimal visibility.Overhead lighting is ideal for larger bathrooms or those with high ceilings, as it offers ample illumination for the entire space. It creates a bright and well-lit environment, making it easier to perform grooming tasks with precision.Wall sconcesWall sconces are a popular choice for bathroom mirror lighting. They are installed on either side of the mirror at eye level, casting even and flattering light on the face. Wall sconces provide a balanced and symmetrical lighting effect, making them suitable for tasks such as shaving or applying makeup.Wall sconces are beautiful and come in various designs, including modern, vintage and minimalist styles. This allows you to find the perfect match for your bathroom decor. With their balanced and symmetrical lighting effect, wall sconces enhance both the functionality and visual appeal of your bathroom mirror area.Lighted mirrorsLighted mirrors, also known as backlit mirrors, offer a contemporary and visually stunning lighting solution for bathroom mirrors. These mirrors feature built-in lighting behind the mirror surface, creating a soft and diffused glow. The evenly distributed light eliminates harsh shadows and provides excellent visibility for grooming tasks.Lighted mirrors are available in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose one that fits your bathroom aesthetic. They offer a sleek and modern look, making them a focal point in the bathroom while serving as a practical lighting source.Adjustable lightingAdjustable lighting fixtures provide the flexibility to direct light exactly where it is needed. These fixtures often feature movable arms, swivel heads, or pivoting mechanisms, allowing you to adjust the angle and direction of the light beam.This versatility is particularly useful for tasks that require targeted lighting, such as applying makeup or grooming specific areas of the face.Adjustable lighting fixtures can be wall-mounted or installed on the mirror frame, offering convenience and customisation.Ceiling lightsCeiling lights that hang above the mirror provide a unique and stylish lighting option. These fixtures typically consist of a pendant suspended from the ceiling, directly illuminating the mirror area. Also, there are many kinds of ceiling downlights that can be either fixed or adjustable to shed light on a particular area or just downward, as needed. Furthermore, there are the regular bathroom bulkhead-style ceiling light fittings with a high IP rating and excellent lumen output. Ceiling lights not only provide functional lighting but also serve as eye-catching decorative elements in the bathroom.They also add a touch of elegance and sophistication, creating a captivating visual impact while effectively illuminating the mirror area from above.What to look for in bathroom mirror lightingWhen choosing bathroom mirror lighting, it's important to consider both the functional and aesthetic aspects to create a well-lit and visually appealing bathroom area.Here are the key factors to look for when selecting the ideal lighting solution for your bathroom mirror.Buy Mascali Round LED Mirror LightFunctionWhen considering the function of bathroom mirror lighting, it's crucial to assess the specific tasks that you will do in front of the mirror.Adequate brightness is essential to ensure proper visibility for activities like shaving, applying makeup or styling hair. You’ll therefore need to look for lighting fixtures that provide ample light output without creating harsh shadows or glare.Adjustable lighting options, such as dimmers or adjustable arms, are beneficial as they allow you to customise the brightness and direction of light based on your needs. This flexibility ensures that you have the ideal lighting for various grooming tasks.StyleThe style of bathroom mirror lighting should harmonise with the overall design aesthetic of your bathroom. Consider the existing decor, such as the theme, colour scheme and materials used, and select lighting fixtures that complement these elements.Whether your bathroom has a modern, traditional, minimalist or rustic style, there are lighting options available to suit your preferences.Pay attention to the shape, finish, and materials of the lighting fixtures. Sleek and streamlined designs may be great for a contemporary look, while ornate or vintage-inspired fixtures can add a touch of elegance and character.Type of lightingLED lighting has become a popular choice for bathroom mirror lighting due to its energy efficiency and longevity. LED lights consume less energy, making them environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run.They also emit bright, white light that accurately renders colours, allowing for better visibility during grooming tasks.Consider the colour temperature of LED lights, which can range from warm white to cool white. Warm white (2,700K – 3,000K) creates a cosy and relaxing ambiance, ideal for creating a spa-like atmosphere. Cool white (4,000K – 5,000K), by contrast, offers a brighter and more refreshing feel, perfect for tasks that require precision and focus.Lamp colourThe lamp colour of bathroom mirror lighting significantly impacts the overall ambiance of the space. Warm colours create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere, while cool colours lend a more refreshing and invigorating feel. Decide on the desired mood and ambiance you want to achieve in your bathroom and select lamp colors accordingly.As indicated above, warm white is commonly used for a soothing and relaxing effect, while cool white or daylight hues are favored for a brighter and energising atmosphere.Also, for those of you that also like taking bathroom mirror “selfies” (we won’t judge), you’ll also want to factor in how the lamp colour may affect your skin tone.Environmental sustainabilityOpting for environmentally friendly lighting options not only reduces your carbon footprint but also contributes to long-term energy savings. LED lights are a prime example of eco-friendly lighting solutions that are highly efficient and durable.LED lights consume significantly less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, making them an environmentally conscious choice.They also have a longer lifespan, reducing the frequency of bulb replacements and minimising waste.Your electricity billBy choosing energy-efficient lighting options, you can also significantly reduce your energy consumption and save money in the long run. LED lights, for example, are known for their exceptional energy efficiency. They require less electricity to produce the same amount of light compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. This means that not only do LED lights have a longer lifespan, but they also consume less power, resulting in lower electricity bills.It's worth noting that while LED lights may have a higher upfront cost compared to other lighting options, their energy-saving benefits outweigh the initial investment.LED lights are designed to last for thousands of hours, providing long-lasting illumination and minimising the need for frequent replacements. This not only saves you money on bulb replacements but also reduces the overall energy consumption of your bathroom lighting.What are the best lights for a bathroom mirror?The best lighting solution for a bathroom mirror depends on various factors, including the size of the bathroom, the placement of the mirror, and personal preferences.For small bathrooms or powder rooms, a combination of wall sconces or lighted mirrors can provide focused lighting without overwhelming the space. In larger bathrooms, a combination of overhead lighting and wall sconces can create a well-lit and visually appealing environment.Buy Catena LED Round Mirror LightCase study: Astro LightingAstro Lighting is a renowned and reputable lighting manufacturer offering some of the best bathroom mirror lights on the market.Astro offers a wide range of light fittings to meet various interior and exterior lighting needs. With their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, Astro Lighting has established itself as a well-known brand in the lighting industry.Whether you are looking for bathroom lights, bedroom light fittings, wall recessed lights, or other interior and exterior fixtures, Astro Lighting has a diverse selection to cater to your specific requirements.Looking for some beautiful bathroom mirror lighting?When it comes to enhancing the beauty and functionality of your bathroom mirror, selecting the right lighting is crucial. Whether you opt for overhead lighting, wall sconces or lighted mirrors, ensure that the chosen fixtures align with your functional needs and personal style preferences.Visit our online store to explore a wide range of high-quality bathroom mirror lights that will transform your bathroom into a well-lit and stylish sanctuary.

A Modern Bathroom Lighting Guide: Planning, Dimming, Regs, and Types of Lights

Bathrooms are no longer purely functional washrooms but are now seen as a showcase for a home, or as a relaxing sanctuary from a hectic family life. Everyone - men and women alike - are spending an increasing amount of time in the bathroom these days. We may not be consciously aware of this shift, but if it is true, then shouldn’t we be making improvements to this room to which we dedicate so much time? For instance, the lighting of a bathroom can make or break the decor and atmosphere of the entire room. In this article we would like to offer some insight on the planning, dimming, current regulations, and the types of lights one can use for modern bathroom lighting. Planning your modern bathroom lighting layout While laying out your plan for a bathroom refurbishment, first consider where the basin, toilet, and bath are to be positioned. After these locations are identified, next up is to consider is the lighting. You should start considering the running of all the cables before you begin the serious business of tiling and decorating. Next up, you should consider the space you have within the bathroom, and how many lighting ‘scenes’ you wish to create. For instance, a little cloakroom may only require one lighting scene, while a room with a bath would need at least two types - a bright warm light for quick stops and ‘soft and low light’ for longer relaxing soaks. When creating your lighting ‘scene’ ensure that you have at least two light switches. These can be legally positioned inside the bathroom, so long as they are a safe distance from wet areas. The easiest solution is to position both switches outside, adjacent to the door. The importance of Dimmer Switches in your modern bathroom lighting layout Dimmer switches are extremely in vogue at the moment, being an inexpensive means to control the brightness level of your light. This is useful, for instance, if you are popping in for a night time trip to the toilet and don’t want to be rudely blasted by the full glare of your bulb. All major lighting types can now be dimmable via a dimmer switch, depending on the specific model. All mains, low-voltage halogen or any ‘standard’ filament-type bulbs are dimmer friendly, while an increasing number of LEDs, fluorescent and CFL bulbs are compatible with this technology now too. Advise on choosing the correct dimmer switch for your light bulb type can be found here.Buy Cabaret Bathroom Wall Lights Regulations - which light bulbs can be fitted in your modern bathroom lighting layout When fitting any light inside a bathroom you must confirm it is at least IP44 rated, which makes it suitable for bathroom zones 2 and 3. With IP ratings, the first digit explains how well-protected the fixture is against solids, and the second digit indicates its level of protection against liquids. The second ‘4’ in IP44 tells you that it is rated as ‘protected from water sprayed from all directions’. This means you can use an IP44-rated light anywhere in the bathroom, excluding the inside of the bath or shower room itself. A higher rating is offered by IP65 rated lights which are ‘jet-proof’ meaning they can take on the spray from a shower nozzle and are therefore suitable for any bathroom zone, particularly in the shower. Click here for a more in-depth explanation of IP ratings in the bathroom. The General Types of Lighting which are essential for starting a complete bathroom lighting layoutNext, it is time to examine the general lighting types you will be dealing with in a bathroom setting. First up there are Ceiling Lights, which should be placed as centrally as possible for an easy lighting solution. The Mashiko Series is a beautiful range of ceiling lights that offer refined and contemporary lighting at an affordable price. The one drawback of ceiling lights is that they may illuminate the room in a general way, but cannot replicate the feeling of more specific lighting, such as mood lighting or task lighting. Downlights, meanwhile, can be considered an alternative to ceiling lights, which consume more space. Downlights are smaller in size and a standard 2-metre by 2-metre bathroom would require three to four of them. For the most effective lighting effect, position these lights close to the edges of the bathroom. This will achieve an attractive border of light washing down each wall, with a gentler and more nuanced ambiance than the ceiling lights. The Void Series of downlights offers a range of Fire-Rated downlights with a convenient variety of beam angles. Many of them feature other useful capabilities, such as the dimmable function (if a dimmer switch is used), for instance, the Void 80 GU10 LED downlight. Spotlights are another general lighting type to consider. They are surface-mounted and offer more versatility in where they may be angled.Buy Void Ceiling Downlights For example, there are fittings with three spotlights available for purchase; these useful lights can be individually directed into three separate areas of the room, which creates a more interesting and less ‘general’ lighting scene. Take, for instance, Ascoli triple spotlights are guaranteed to class up your bathroom area. The Ascoli Triple Ceiling Spotlight in Bronze is a prime example of a model that exudes pure class both in appearance and performance. This post was largely inspired by the Astro official guide on Bathroom Lighting.


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