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Mode ID-00-01 In-Line Impulse Dimmer 1-10V 1000W for Mains / Low Voltage Lights

Model No. ID0001 by: Mode Lighting
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This is a Mode Impulse dimmer - it is a remote dimmer that can be operated by any momentary switch or centre retractive type switch. One switch can be used to provide ON, OFF, Dim Up, and Dim Down operation. Two switches on one plate can be used to provide On and Dim Up from one switch and Off and Dim Down from the second switch. 

  • This in-line Impulse dimmer can also be used for multi-position, multi-gang dimming control (can be dimmed from multiple points, 2-way, 3-way, etc). 
  • The Mode ID-00-01 Impulse LV dimmer provides mains switching and and 1-10V control of lighting loads. It is suitable for control of 1-10V MF ballasts.
  • This dimmer can also control Mode Slave Power Units for high power applications, and it can provide switching or control of lighting, fans, or other devices. 
  • Ideal for commercial applications (they take a high wattage)
  • It can be used by the switches, sockets, dimmers, and momentary switches manufactured by Forbes and Lomax, in dimmable lighting circuits.

Mode ID-00-01 Impulse Dimmer

  • Mains switched 1/10V 1000W in-line dimmer
  • Uses existing switch plate wiring
  • Can be controlled by any momentary switch
  • Conforms to EC, EMC and LV standards
  • Functions: ON, OFF, Dim Up, Dim Down
  • Multi-position dimming control
  • Fully isolated switch plate input
  • Operates 1-10V fluorescent
  • Circuit supply: 200-250V, 50-60 Hz
  • Channel output: 1000W (max. 2A) resistive or inductive loads
  • Channel fuse: IEC60127 6.3A (F)
  • Output: switched mains output 1-10V dimming
  • Control Input(s): isolated input(s) from volt free switch
  • Case: made of flame retardant Polycarbonate to UL94-VO, in black
  • Power Output: 1 x 4A (4A inductive)
  • Type: switching, 1-10V
  • Protection: Fused
  • Control: momentary switch
  • Dimensions: 150mm length, 49mm width, 35mm depth
  • Weight: 150g
  • Complies with EC EMC and LV Directives
  • Model number: Mode Lighting Impulse ID-00-01

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