Multi-size Hole Cutter Kit to Drill 40-200mm Diameter Holes including Dust Cover, Drills, and Tape Measure

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This is a multi-size hole cutter kit ideal for cutting 40-200mm diameter holes, coming complete with a debris collection cover, 2 tool sets for different materials, and useful drill bit/tool and accessories.

This tool has a heavy duty mandrel and cutting blade mounting bar with two cutting tools for reduced tool load and vibration in use. The hole diameter to be cut is infinitely variable within the tool operating range and is easily set using the integrated measuring scale. 

This kit includes pilot drills and cutting blades for various materials and can be used on plywood, plasterboard, plastic sheets, ceiling tiles, brass, aluminium, and think sheet steel. Also included are a 3 metre measuring tape and carpenters pencil, ideal for marking out hole positions prior to drilling, in addition to ranges of wood and masonry drill bits. 

Multi-size Hole Cutter Kit - the Kit Includes:

  • Adjustable hole cutter mandrel with cutting blade mounting bar assembly
  • Polycarbonate dust cover
  • Tungsten carbide tipped 8mm pilot drill
  • Carbon steel 8mm pilot drill
  • 2 x Tungsten carbide tipped cutting blades
  • 2 x HSS cutting blades
  • Hexagon key wrench
  • 5 x Heat treated carbon steel wood drill bits (4, 5, 6, 7, 10mm diameter)
  • 5 x Tungsten carbide tipped masonry drill bits 4, 5, 6, 7, 10mm diameter)
  • Carpenter's pencil
  • 3 metre tape measure. 

The way to assemble the tool is as follows:

  • Select the appropriate pilot drill and pair of cutting blades, and assemble them making sure the cutting blades are correctly orientated, tighten screws firmly. 
  • Adjust both cutting tool holders into the correct position to suit the diameter of required using the scale on the mounting bar for guidance. Fully tighten clamping screws when in the correct position.
  • Remove wing nut and spring and assemble polycarbonate dust cover to the cutter assembly, then re-attach the spring and wing nut. 

Operating instructions:

  • This multi-size hole cutter can be used in most hand-operated and pillar-drilling machines; if using a hand-operated machine check that the hammer action is switched OFF.
  • Ensure that the cutter is perpendicular to the work piece and that the rotation speed is low; for example, a 200mm diameter hole requires a speed of approx. 500-900 RPM
  • Only apply light pressure against the material, especially at the beginning of the cut. Once the pilot drill has passed through the work piece, the dust cover will bear against the material surface and trap any flying debris. The spring-loaded mandrel will allow the cutter to continue drilling while retaining dust from cutting
  • Slow the cutter speed when near to break through and stop the rotation of the cutter before removing from the hole. Additional hole depth can be achieved by drilling from both sides of the material, if practical. 


  • Please ensure power is isolated before fitting or adjusting the tool
  • Cutting blades are very sharp, so please take care and keep hands away when operating. 
  • Do not use the tool without the polycarbonate cover. 
  • Do not start the drill away from the work piece
  • Wear protective clothing, in particular for hands and eyes when operating the tool. 
  • Please ensure all screws are fully tightened before operating the tool. 


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