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One lighting control for any light source, the Lutron Grafik 3000 and Lutron Integrale

  2009-10-13         admin         Product News » Dimming Systems News
Lutron, one of the lighting systems leaders in the UK, provides energy saving solutions - more precisely, Dimmers and Dimming systems - for new construction or renovation. You can create the experience you want to in your office/home and improve the use of your space. The GRAFIK Eye 3000 series is especially designed to control every light in your conference room, home theater, auditorium, restaurant, or other space. Read what we presented previously concerning a visual presentation of the Grafik Eye 3000, or the introduction & recommendation from Lutron about its dimmers. Find out more below about the Lutron Grafik Integrale and the features of Grafik 3000.

Lutron Grafik 3000 Series has a powerful new addition - the Grafik Integrale range. This range includes all the features of the Grafik Eye Models like:

  • Set up and recall - Create lighting scenes for common activities all at the touch of a button.
  • Smooth Transitions - Fade between lighting scenes - from instantly to one hour.
  • Expand the System - Accessory controls allow one-touch control from any location.
  • Integration - Integrates easily with touchscreens and other AV equipment.
  • RTISS Technology Included - Compensates for incoming line voltage variations, frequency shifts, harmonics, and line noise.
Plus some more new features:
  • One Control - Just one model provides control of all modern light sources.
  • Reliability - Control is able to withstand short between load hot and either neutral or earth without damage.

This is The Only Lighting Control You'll Ever Need to Specify - Grafik Integrale from Lutron!

Grafik Integrale - Simple, easy, and comfortable

  • Ease of programming - Simply adjust zone buttons to set lights to match any activity and save as a preset scene. Recall exact scenes from the same unit or matching accessory wallstation.
  • Ease of Installation - One unit controls Electronic Low Volt; Magnetic Low Voltage; Incandescent/Tungsten; 0-10V, DSI, and DALI Fluorescent loads; neon; and non-dim lighting loads.
  • Sources of light to dim - Incandescent / Tungsten; Electronic Low Voltage; Fluorescent; Magnetic Low Voltage; Neon; Non-Dim; control any light source!
  • No Interface needed for any light source!

The Grafik 3000 series - multi-scene preset lighting control system - features

  • Choice of Translucent or Opaque cover;
  • Fade Time Buttons;
  • Master Raise/Lower Buttons;
  • Scene Select Buttons;
  • All Off LED;
  • Zone Intensity Buttons;
  • Built-in Infrared Receiver;
  • Choice of colours or metallic/metal finishes.
Lutron Grafik 3000 - Accessories
Choose an accessory style - create the perfect environment Lutron offers stylish accessory controls to enhance the beauty of any space and to control lighting from more than one location.
Lutron Grafik 3000 - Wireless Control

Wireless Remote Control - Add Flexibility Includes built-in Infrared Receiver for use with optional wireless Remote Control to select scenes from anywhere in a room.

Lutron Grafik 3000 - Power Boosters

Power Boosters - Increase Power Increase individual zone capacities in larger spaces with Lutron Power Boosters.

Buy online the Lutron Grafik Integrale range of dimming systems and the Lutron Grafik 3000 range of dimmers - via Dimming Systems, Lutron.