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EV 3 Phase Wall Charger Socket 22kW with Wifi, LAN, and RFID BG SyncEV EVWC2S22GR for Electric Cars (no Cable)

Model No. EVWC3P by: BG Electrical
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Introducing the BG SyncEV EVWC2S22GR for Electric Vehicles, a EV 3 Phase Wall Charger Socket 22kW with Wifi, LAN, and RFID available at Sparks for the best price. It is the 22kW version - a next generation smart high-power charger. Smaller, easier to install, and colour-customisable.

Packed with Smart technology, Wall Charger 2 charging stations are the perfect solution for electric vehicle charging at home, workplace or for fleet operators.

EV 3 Phase Wall Charger Socket 22kW with Wifi, LAN, and RFID - Features

  • Wall Charger 2 Socket 22kW, with Wi-Fi, LAN and RFID
  • Dynamic charging up to 22kW on three-phase AC power
  • The perfect complement for electric vehicle charging at home, workplace or for fleet service operators
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet and RFID
  • Type 2 socket with auto-lock
  • Interchangeable front fascia, change the shade or colour - to be ordered separately
  • Improved ease of installation
  • Fully compliant with the latest Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations
  • Suitable for residential and commercial use (three-phase power required)
  • Two base and rear entry points
  • Full smart functionality and OCPP 1.6J connectivity
  • No earth rod required - integrated open PEN conductor protection
  • Type A RCD (30mA AC + 6mA DC)
  • Integrated Class C power meter, with option for external MID meter
  • Compatible with EV stands from BG SyncEV (Codes: EVASTAND12S, EVASTAND12T) and EV Tower with BG SyncEV mounting plate (www.ev-tower.co.uk)
  • 3-year warranty
  • Compatible with all electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles

Why choose BG SyncEV?

  • With over 80 years experience in the electrical industry, BG SyncEV (part of the Luceco PLC Group) inspires confidence and trust. Our range of EV charging products for home, commercial or fleet operator are smart, powerful and safe, packed full of technology to future proof your investment
  • Quick and easy installation, with UK based technical support
  • 3 year warranty & fully compliant with UK EV regulations
  • Compatible with all electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles

EV 3 Phase Wall Charger Socket 22kW with Wifi, LAN, and RFID BG SyncEV EVWC2S22GR - Specs

  • Type: Socketed
  • KW: 22kW 32A Mode 3
  • Min. charge current: configurable, 6-32A
  • Electrical input: 400-415V, 50-60Hz
  • Colour: base and body RAL 9005 (black). Trim - RAL 7016 (anthracite grey). 
  • Cable management: built-in cable wrap
  • Pen protection: yes, in-built earth disconnection
  • Earth rod: not required
  • RCD protection: yes, 6mA DC, 30mA AC Type-A, in-built
  • Overload current and fault protection
  • Class 1 electrical rated, housing class 2 electrical rated
  • Load balancing: 22kW 32A Mode 3 variants require 3x EVA120CT1 load management kits
  • Meter accuracy: 2% class C equivalent internal meter with option for connection to external RS485 MODBUS meter
  • Consumer unit requirements: 40A MCB or 30mA Type-A RCD (dependent on cable type and/or route)
  • Terminals: Combi screw first fix plug connector
  • Indicator: RGB LED and buzzer
  • Indicator modes: blue - standby, flashing blue - preparing, green - charging, yellow - no network, red - error
  • Housing: UV stabilised polycarbonate
  • Wall fixing: 4 point with horizontal and vertical adjustment, supplied fixing hole template. 
  • Fixing hole centres: 110mm horizontal, 145mm vertical
  • IP rating: IP55 rated
  • IK Rating: IK10
  • SOC module: AI ESP32-S SOC
  • Wi-fi and Ethernet: 2.4Ghz 802.11 B/G/N & RJ45
  • Wi-fi security: WPA/WPA2/WPA2-ENTERPRISE/WPS
  • Bluetooth: 4.2 BR/EDR and BLE
  • Connection protocol: OCPP 1.6J
  • 4G data: model specific, 3 years included, when used with Monta (on the included package). Top-up online to continue service after 3 years.
  • App: powered by Monta
  • Operating temperature: -25 to +40 degrees Celsius
  • Software and firmware update: over-the-air
  • Warranty: 3 years manufacturer warranty
  • Standards and approvals: IEC61851-1, IEC61439-7, IEC 62955, IC 61851-21-2, BS EN62196, EN301 511, EN 301 908-1/2/13, EN 301 489-3, EN 300 330, EMC COMPLIANT, CE, UKCA, The electric vehicles (smart charge points) Regulations 2021 including Schedule 1.
  • Supplied accessories: 5x base fixing washers, 5x assembly lid bolts, 1x blanking plug and 1x 25mm compression gland, user-side connector, cord grip and 2x cord grip assembly screws, 1x RFID key fob (EVWC2S7GGR, EVWC2S22GR & EVWC2S22GGR only; additional key fobs can be ordered using the code 
  • Dimensions: 305mm height x 201mm width x 115mm depth
  • Additional: anti-temper detection - 2 layer protection, bluetooth to bluetooth commissioning

Note: Some images and pictures are for reference only. The item may differ from the image/picture due to manufacturer's change. Should you require the exact item in the picture, please call or email us to enquire.

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New Smart EV Chargers for Charging your Electric Vehicle at Home

Accelerated by the introduction of the ULEZ all over London, the sale and use of electric cars have boomed, and there is a great need for smart EV chargers for charging your electric vehicle at home. Yes, it is possible to charge your electric car while shopping at the supermarket or in the parking lot when you're at work, but the best and most convenient way is to charge it a home. We at Sparks are here to assist you with this by introducing these new smart EV chargers for charging your electric vehicle at home! Ideal for wall mounting and coming in versions for 1 phase and 3 phase, the new smart EV chargers at Sparks are packed with many smart features. Why Choose the New Smart EV Chargers at Sparks?Made by BG SyncEV, these new smart EV chargers at Sparks are reliable and smart. BG SyncEV (part of the Luceco PLC Group has many decades of experience, inspiring confidence and trust. They have a wide range of EV charging products that can be used in domestic or commercial environments. These new EV chargers at Sparks are smart, powerful, and safe, and they are packed full of technology to future-proof your investment. The new Smart EV Chargers are SmartThese new smart EV chargers are optimized to charge for the cheapest, greenest energy possible. You can track usage and costs within the free and easy-to-use Monta app. The new Smart EV Chargers are SafeThere is a built-in RCD and open PEN protection. There is no need for complex and expensive eart-rod installation. The BG SyncEV safety RCD protection ensures peace of mind against electrical shocks or short circuitsThe new Smart EV Chargers are ReliableBeing covered by a 3-year manufacturer warranty as standard, these new smart EV chargers also come with standard, telephone, and online technical support. And they have a guaranteed compatibility with all EV makes and models. Each new smart EV charger by BG SyncEV is fully compliant with the latest Electrical Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations. The New Smart EV Chargers are Compatible with All Electric and Hybrid Plug-in VehiclesOne of the best features of the new smart EV chargers at Sparks is that they are compatible with all electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles. It's about time that someone makes and distributes such an EV charger that works not only with one or two car manufacturers' standards but with all of them! Among the car brands that work with the new smart EV chargers at Sparks are Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Citroen, Ford, Hyundai, Jaguar, KIA, Mitsubishi, Nio, Nissan, Peugeot, Koenigsegg, Land Rover, Mercedes, Mini, PoleStar, Renault, Rimac, Rivian, Smart, Tesla, Volkswagen, and Volvo. Tailor your EV Smart Charging Needs with the Monta AppIncluded at no additional cost with the new Smart EV Chargers at Sparks is the Monta app, which lets you tailor your EV charging needs. Via this app (download via Google Play or iTunes), you can have full control over your charge-point. You can decide who uses it, when can they use it, and at what cost. You read this correctly, you can actually let others use your smart EV charger and charge them if you want to. Here are some of the features included in this app:Smart Charging - set your charge-point to start charging when the energy is greenest or the cost is lowest. This will save you money and it has lower CO2 emissionsSelf-healing: your charge points will always be up and running. The self-healing algorithm fixes bugs and errors automatically. Roaming: you can get access to more than 200.00 publicly available charge points. Selected charge points can be reserved through the app. Charger customisation: you can customise your charge-point settings to suit your needs. Simply choose who can access your charge-point, when, and at what cost. Share and monetise your charger: you can choose who can access your charger, for example, members of your household or the general public. Also, you can select the price and time restrictions for that access. 24/7 app support: the Monta customer success team is available 24/7 to answer your questions through chat or email via the app. Buy Smart EV Chargers at SparksWhere to Buy the New Smart EV Chargers for Charging Your Electric Vehicle at HomeAt Sparks, we distribute and sell a wide range of EV chargers, but none of them compare to this latest generation from BG SyncEV. We hold stock of some of these smart EV chargers, and we recommend them for charging your electric vehicle at home. Where can you buy the latest smart EV chargers? Here are three links where you can see them for yourself and purchase them:3 Phase Wall Charger Socket 22kW with Wifi, LAN, and RFID - this is the model without the cable, and it is a smart EV charger for charging your electric car at home. It is an EV 3-phase wall charger socket, 22kW, having smart features such as connection via WiFi, LAN, and RFID. The charging cable needs to be ordered separately.Buy 3 Phase Wall EV Charger SocketWall Charger 2 Tethered 7.4kW with Wifi, LAN, and 7.5m Cable - This is one of the latest and greatest smart EV charger stations for wall mounting available at Sparks. It is the SyncEV wall charger 2, tethered, 7.4kW with connection via WiFi and LAN. It comes with a 7.5m cable and a type 2 connector. Buy EV Wall Charger with WifiEV Wall Charger 2 Socket 7.4kW (32A) with WiFi and LAN (no cable) - if you have your own charging cable, why not switch to a smart EV wall charger for your electric car! Here is the BG SyncEV charger with no charging cable, with connection via WiFi and LAN and with AutoLock. Buy EV Wall Charger 2 Socket with WiFiNote: Due to the constant development of the technology in the car charging and EV vehicles, this article is valid and true up to October 2023. Please check the latest EV Chargers for Electric Cars at Sparks to see our latest offering.