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Park Lane Floor Lamp in Bronze using 1 x 12W max. LED E27/ES Lamp (no Shade) IP20, Astro 1080047

Model No. AX4506 by: Astro Lighting
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This is the Astro Lighting 4517 Park Lane Floor Lamp in Bronze using 1 x 12W max. LED E27/ES Lamp (SKU 1080047); it comes without the lamp and without the shade. It is part of the Astro Lighting Park Lane lamps and it has a 1307mm height and a square base. 

Park Lane Floor Lamp in Bronze (sans shade) - Specs

  • Part of the Park Lane floor lamp from Astro Lighting. 
  • Finish: Bronze
  • SKU: 1080047. This product supersedes 1080014
  • Lamp used: it uses 1 x 12W max. LED E27/ES (lamp not included).
  • Max. lamp type and wattage: 1 x 60W max. E27/ES
  • Dimming: non-dimmable fitting
  • Max. lamp length: 200mm
  • It can be used with smart lighting systems
  • IP rating: IP20 rated, suitable for bathroom zone 3
  • Class II electrical rated, double insulated fitting
  • Dimensions: 1307mm height, 280mm width, 200mm depth
  • Weight: 13.8kg
  • CE Mark
  • Location: for indoor use only.
  • Switch: switched fitting (switch on the cable)
  • F Mark: it can be mounted on normally flammable materials
  • Shade: it is sold separately, see the Rectangle 400 range (Rectangle 400 Putty 5001030 or Rectangle 400 White 5001002, or the Mocha shade). 
  • Model: Astro Lighting 4517 Park Lane Floor Lamp in Bronze (no Shade), SKU 1080047

Please note that some dimensions may vary slightly due to manufacturing tolerances, this includes cable entry and fixing holes

Lights Specific
Base E27 / ES
Colour Bronze
Dimmable No
Electrical Rating Class 2 - Double Insulated
Energy Type Mains Voltage 240V
Fire Rating F Marked
IP Rating IP20
Lamp Style Contemporary
Lamp Type LED Light
Light Color Lamp Dependant
Lumens Lamp Dependant
Number of Lamps 1
Projection 1307mm height
Rooms Living Room, Office
Tasks Floor Lamp
Total Wattage 12
Wattage 12
Zone Rating 3
Range Park Lane Floor Lamps
Cutout not applicable

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How Lighting Impacts Interior Design

Interior design lighting is a skill that not many homeowners or decorators use to its fullest potential. Truthfully, lighting a room may look simple, but it requires plenty of work and attention to detail. Knowing how and where to install light fixtures is the difference between a dull and a compelling interior environment.In this article, you will discover how much lighting can impact your interior design projects. By the end, you will know which techniques to use and how to achieve the desired result. Remember that the purpose and functionality of the space are equally important as the lighting. How you illuminate a restaurant or office is not the same as how you would light a residential home.Read this article to find out more about the importance of lighting in interior design, how effective interior design can transform a room, the types of light and which is better - natural or artificial light, and the most common types of lighting effects and their purposes.Importance of Lighting in Interior DesignsCreating the perfect atmosphere using proper lighting techniques can heavily affect many factors. For example, ideal lighting conditions and colour temperature in the office can influence workers to be more productive. At home, a cosier and warmer light induces a more welcoming environment, whereas light and shadow contrasts can make nightclubs and restaurants stand out for new patrons.Lighting in interior design influences how you feel and your perception of the place. Therefore, it’s important to study the different lighting styles to identify which one is more convenient for particular spaces. Effective Interior Design Lighting Can Transform a RoomProfessional placement of lighting fixtures makes a huge difference in interior decoration. Here’s how proper lighting can impact the overall atmosphere of any room:1. Make a Room Look Larger or SmallerBoth natural and artificial lighting can change the perception of a room. Brighter spaces with proper illumination look larger and feel more spacious. On the other hand, darker areas with little to no illumination look smaller and cramped.2. The Tone of the RoomProper lighting dictates the general tone of the room. Spaces like offices benefit the most from cool white lighting, as it makes the area look more professional and increases productivity. Warmer rooms like bedrooms or living rooms must be cosy and comfortable, benefitting the most from warmer white balances. 3. Shadows & Reflections to Highlight Features Proper installation of interior lighting can cast shadows and reflections. This can be beneficial if used correctly, helping homeowners and designers accentuate specific parts of the room, like wall textures, furniture, colours, and other elements. However, shadows and reflections are not always necessary. In areas like hallways or stairs, optimal lighting without shadows reduces accident risks.  4. Use of Wall Lights to Highlight Specific SpotsSome areas of a household require particular lighting to highlight a specific spot — for example, an area for grooming or near a reading table. Professional interior designers also employ this technique to draw attention and achieve objectives such as highlighting artwork in a museum.Types of LightLighting can be natural or artificial. Buy Park Lane Wall LampsEach one poses unique benefits and disadvantages, such as the following:1. Natural LightSunlight is a unique natural light that stimulates the human body and mind. This outdoor lighting is provided free by nature but is a bit more difficult to control for interiors. Plus, the weather and time of day ultimately dictate the tone. Usually, you can install window coverings, sheers, lined drapes, or window treatments to control natural light.2. Artificial LightThis lighting type is easier to control and more manageable, allowing you to guide the illumination in specific directions. Additionally, artificial lighting installations can highlight room features, create a cosy environment, or build a welcoming atmosphere. We’ve found Astro Lighting to produce some of the most easily manageable lighting fixtures to date.Founded by John Fearon and James Bassant, the company started in business in 1997 and has quickly grown to become one of the UK's premier designers and producers of contemporary lighting.Natural vs Artificial Lighting — Which One Is Better?A professional interior decorator knows that using a combination of natural and artificial lights is the correct approach. For instance, sunlight is an excellent source to brighten interiors and set the mood. After the sunlight has dictated how and what will be illuminated, you can study the area to decide how to illuminate the rest of the room. Spaces with less natural light reception often benefit from brighter colours. On the other hand, adding neutral or cool lights is more suitable for rooms that receive a lot more sunlight. Buy Park Lane floor LampArtificial lighting is a complement to natural lighting. The purpose of this lighting type is to use lighting devices or fixtures to enhance the room with brightness and illumination. Common items used for artificial lighting include LED light bulbs, wall sconces, floor and table lamps, etc.Most Common Types of Lighting Effects & Their PurposesThe following are some of the most common types of lighting effects used by home interior designers: 1. Downlighting from the Ceiling to the RoomThis recessed lighting style is the most common for interiors. Downlighting fixtures cast brightness downward as the main light source or highlight a spacious area. But the downside to this type of lighting is that it is more likely to produce shadows.So, find fixtures to produce the desired downlighting effect such as these lighting fixtures by Astro Lighting.2. Uplighting from a Lower Point to the CeilingThis type of lighting bounces off the ceiling to brighten rooms. The illumination produces softer diffused ambient lighting and is more manageable than downlighting. Typically, uplighting is a good style for areas like the bedroom where you need softer tones.3. Spotlighting to Draw Attention to a Specific FeatureTask lighting and accent lighting commonly use spotlighting effects to turn a unique part of the room into the focal point. This is particularly good for accentuating task lights in a reading area, grooming spot, dining room table, and more. And any light bulb, floor lamp, or table lamp can achieve this effect. 4. Perimeter Lighting to Increase Room Length PerceptionInterior designers, architects, and homeowners often implement perimeter lighting to make the room look larger. The right technique to achieve this ambient light effect is using either coving or cornice lighting. Is Interior Design Lighting Really That Important?Most architects and decorators know how to build room structures, but only professional interior lighting designers will bring the place to life. If installed correctly, lighting can alter the perception of a designated space. Designers usually employ these techniques to make rooms look larger for sale or to give commercial spaces a more welcoming atmosphere for clientele. Buy Park Lane Collection at SparksHome renovators also benefit from interior lighting. If you feel like your home needs a makeover, installing a few light fixtures can make a huge difference. So, yes, interior lighting is highly important. While working on a new project, consider taking a bit of time on perfecting the lighting to guarantee a more appealing space.

Great Light Fittings we Saw and Liked at the Lighting Show #MayDesign Series

On Monday, May 19th 2014, we visited the Lighting section of the May Design show at the London Excel, since many of our suppliers encouraged us to come over and see what they have new. It was truly amazing to see so many new lighting fixtures - all of them in cool settings and with excellent energy saving properties. We were impressed to see the LED wall lights, LED flood lights, and LED strip lights displayed, and we really liked the new fittings exhibited together with their presentation. An exciting show with more than 400 exhibitors in total, with sections like: the furniture show, the Lighting show, the Decor, the Kitchen and Bathroom show, and the DX show (a platform for design excellence with innovation and creative thinking). We will definitely visit again next year! What we Saw and Liked at the May Design Lighting Show You may say that we were biased in what we looked and, took pictures of, and spent time to look into, but we went to the May Design lighting show mainly to see what's new in the lighting market and what our suppliers brought to the table. And yes, we did take some pictures, some of which can be found on our Twitter stream while others are posted below. Apologies in advance for the quality of the pictures, but we hope you will enjoy them nonetheless. Astro Lighting - great wall lights in a lovely wall arrangement Astro Lighting - awesome wall lamps with a peculiar shape, similar to the Park Lane rangeBuy Park Lane Lamps at Sparks Astro Lighting - a great combination of pendant lights, Zeppo oval-shaped globe pendants Cool looking color pendant light fixtures - we love the combination and the design! Rako Controls - always glad to meet them and enjoy the warm blue light of their booth! Dimming systems with wireless control.Buy Rako Wireless Dimmers Hamilton with their RetroTouch range of wall switches, including the solutions for hotels and hostels. Astro Lighting - a lovely combination of the white plaster wall lights with concealed wall lightingBuy Astro Lights Plaster Lights Gap Lighting with their awesome round LED wall fittings with a blue LED shade. TP24 Lighting with loads of LED ceiling lights, wall lights, and table light fixtures.....and many others. The above are just a selection of pictures we took at the May Design Series - the Lighting Show. It took us quite some time to walk around and discover the creative architectural and decorative lighting (with some innovative control solutions) available for retail, hospitality, office, and residential applications. Great job, guys!


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