Pratley Steel Putty 125g, Quickset Hand Mouldable Steel Colour Putty

Model No. 84136 by: Pratley.
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This is the Pratley 84136 Quickset Steel Putty 125gm (PRA84136), a hand mouldable putty which sets like steel - and even matches the color or steel!
Pratley Steel Putty is an exceptionally high strength, hand mouldable, putty-like adhesive. Mixing equal proportions of the resin and hardener supplied in the form of sticks yields a highly versatile, medium speed putty with a 1001 uses. 
Features and Benefits
  • Very high strength.
  • Medium speed cure.
  • Can be shaped and moulded.
  • Adheres to most rigid materials.
  • Once set can be sawn, filed, machined, sanded.
  • Accepts paint.
  • Good electrical insulator.
  • Will set under water.
  • Withstands most chemicals, mild acids, oil, petrol, etc.
  • Can be smoothed and shaped with a wet finger or spatula.
  • Hand mouldable putty which sets like steel and matches the colour of steel
  • Exceptionally workable, yet when set it is an incredibly strong adhesive
  • Can be filed, sawn, machined, sanded, drilled and tapped
  • Withstands most chemicals, mild alkalines, oils and petrol.
  • Adheres to: Most rigid materials
  • Sets hard in ± 45 minutes (at 23°C).
  • Should be applied within 15 minutes of mixing.
  • Reaches 75% strength in ± 3 hours.
  • Reaches full strength in ± 5 hours.
Suggested use: 
  • Repair engine crankcase
  • Repair machine castings
  • Repair radiator header tanks
  • Make fishing sinkers with embedded swivels
  • Seal metal water tanks and cracked motor car sumps.
  • Repair metal castings
  • Replace broken handles and knobs on utensils.
  • Repair ceramic fuse holders and insulators.
  • Repair car radiators and leaking petrol tanks.
  • Mend garden implements and metal watering cans.
  • Re-fit loose screws.
  • Make your own models and sculptures.
Not recommended for:
  • Bonding of rearview mirrors to windscreens.
  • Very high temperature above 120°C continuous (e.g. exhaust pipes)
  • Flexible materials.
Weight 126g


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