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Rako RMT500 1-500W in-line RF Dimmer for Trailing Edge Dimmable GU10 LED Lamps, Tungsten, LV Halogen

Model No. RDT500C by: Rako Controls
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This is the Rako RMT500, a compact 500W RF dimmer designed to fit through a standard down-light cut-out and working with dimmable GU10 LED lamps, tungsten, and low voltage halogen lamps. It uses trailing edge dimming technology, which gives it smooth quiet dimming of electronic transformer fed loads and it maximises dimming performance of most GU10 LED downlights.

Please note: this item is non-returnable; due to the fact that it has an electronic component, we cannot take this item back for a refund.

This wireless dimmer is connected in-line before the first light fitting in order to enable dimming of up to 500W of trailing edge dimmable loads, and it can be controlled from any Rako Rakom RF device, for example the Rako RCP/RCM push button RF wall-plates.

Rako RMT500 Trailing Edge Dimmer - Features and Benefits

  • The Rako RMT500 in-line RF dimmer is ideal for use with GU10 LED lamps, Tungsten, low-voltage halogen lamps, and other trailing edge dimmable loads.
  • The Rako RMT500 dimmer can be controlled from any Rako transmitter such as RCM/RCP wallplates, RAH hand-helds and Bridge modules and forms the foundation of any Rako wireless scene-set system.
  • Easy set-up and manual On/Off control using the set-up button.
  • Full rising clamp terminals and mounting bracket for easy installation.
  • It can be programmed using either an RCM/RCP RF wall-plate or RASOFT PC software suite, the RMT500 stores the House, Room and Channel address plus 16 preset scene levels in a non-volatile memory.
  • Size: it is small enough to fit in a ceiling void or a cupboard and at the same time control up to 500W of mains dimmable lighting loads. 
  • Usage outdoors: it can be used also for exterior lighting control applications (if you use an additional weatherproof IP rated enclosure).

Note: the Rako RMT500 is NOT suitable for use with inductive loads, electric motors, or wire-wound loads.

Rako RMT500 500VA Wireless Trailing Edge Dimmer - Technical

  • Load: min 1W max. 500VA (refer to Rako when dimming GU10 style LEDs)
  • Mains voltage supply: 230V AC +/-10% 50Hz
  • Dimensions: 138mm x 46mm x 40mm
  • Connections: 3 way screw terminals for mains power
  • Housing material: UL V0 material
  • Protection: Auto resetting over current protection, Auto thermal shutdown, Voltage surge protection
  • Loads taken: Mains Dimmable LEDs, Incandescent mains voltage lamps, Tungsten halogen GU10 lamps, Trailing edge dimmable LV transformers, and Trailing edge dimmable cold cathode
  • Wireless communication: Rakom coded FM radio, 433.9MHz; they can be controlled by any Rako device that transmits wireless RAKOM messages. 
  • Memory: Flash memory (non volatile)
  • Weight: 120g
  • Climate temperature range: +2C to +40C
  • Terminal sizes: 4mm2
  • Standards: Emissions EN61000-6-3 : 2001, Immunity EN61000-6-1 : 2001
  • Humidity +5% to 95% non-condensing
Switches & Sockets Specific
Brand Rako Controls
Finish Blue
Gang 1
Insert No Insert
Type Dimmer

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Videos of Rako Wireless and Wired LED Dimming Solutions for Home or Office

We at Sparks love the people at Rako and their great products, and we're so glad that they put out quite a few videos to introduce some of their dimming solutions. They offer a flexible and extendable dimming solution "at the click of a button" or at the "touch" of the iPad/iPhone app for both domestic and commercial environments. In this article, we're introducing three main videos: the Rako whole house dimming and scene control setting system, the wireless LED dimmer controller, and the Rako LED dimming control solutions. Rako Whole House Dimming and Scene Control Setting System - Video The Rako whole house dimming and scene control system is great for both residential and commercial applications. Via the programmable scene control panel, you can change the lighting scene setting. For example, in the kitchen you can have scenes like food prep, family dining, entertainment, party, etc. In the living room you can easily use the Rako iPad / iPhone app to set all the lights ON, or have scenes like: watching a movie (home cinema), reading a book, relaxing, etc. Also, you can control the lights, the blinds, and the curtains in multiple rooms from a single control point, turn all the lights off from a single point, link the Rako lighting to a security system, or schedule timed events. Rako Introduces the Wireless LED Dimmer Controller The wireless dimmer controller Rako RMT500 is a single-ended dimmer, a wireless module, ideal for the latest LED lamps, with control over IP by using Rako bridges and wall control panels. This LED dimmer is silent and it can be addressed by pressing the button on the front of the dimmer. It comes with 16 scenes and has longer fade rates. Follow the slideshow and watch the video below to find out more. Rako LED Dimming Control Solutions - Overview There are so many ways to control the LED lights, and Rako provides quite a wide range of solutions for dimming the LED lights, whether mains dimmable, leading edge, and trailing edge (including the GU10 LED lamps, the LED fittings with a Mains Dimmable driver). Whether wireless or wired, the Rako dimming LED drivers and dimmers offer a wide range of LED dimming systems for domestic and commercial use. You can watch more such videos via Rako YouTube channel, and you can order a wide range of Rako Dimming systems and Rako Wireless / Wired systems via sparks at, Wireless Dimming Systems.


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