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At SparksDirect and in our showroom at Sparks Electrical Wholesalers you can find a lot of ranges of switches, sockets, spurs, etc - indoor and outdoor wiring devices for both domestic and commercial / industrial use. Some of the manufacturers we distribute are MK Electric, British General(BG), and GET (now part of Schneider UK). There are hundreds of types of devices(from the regular switches and sockets to the grid modules, from the floor sockets to the outdoor sockets and switches, etc) - and so we do our best to introduce some of these ranges on our blog. Please find below some of the most popular ranges of switches / sockets from MK, BG, and GET - introduced on our blog.

MK Switches and Sockets

BG Switches and Sockets

GET Switches and Sockets

Other Switches, Sockets and Wiring Devices

You can purchase online MK Wiring Devices - the MK Moulded White range, the MK Grids and Modules, etc - and the BG Wiring Devices - the BG Budget Range, the BG Nexus White range, the BG Square Edge range, etc - and the GET Wiring Devices - the GET flat plate range, the GET screwless range, the GET Ultimate white moulded range, the GET Grids and Modules, etc. Also, consult our list of All Switches and Sockets Articles.