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From the White plastic finished switches and sockets(from BG, MK, GET, etc) to the metal plate finished switches and sockets(flat plate metal, raised plate and stepped plate), there is a very wide range of switches, sockets, dimmers, switchsockets, spurs, cooker switches, European sockets, single or double, with our without insert, etc. Below are some articles that we wrote on our blog at the Switches and Sockets category that can assist you in your choice:

Two of the most outstanding ranges of switches and sockets for interior use, Forbes and Lomax AND Heritage Brass are British Wiring Devices Manufacturers producing high quality switches, sockets, spurs, connection units, data sockets, TV/satellite sockets, grid modules, etc. Also, the types in which you can purchase these devices vary, from the Invisible Plate to the Flat Metal Plates, Raised Plates, or Stepped Plates.

Read more about the Switches and Sockets made by Heritage Brass / Forbes and Lomax.

At SparksDirect and in our showroom at Sparks Electrical Wholesalers you can find a lot of ranges of switches, sockets, spurs, etc – indoor and outdoor wiring devices for both domestic and commercial / industrial use. Some of the manufacturers we distribute are MK Electric, British General(BG), and GET (now part of Schneider UK).

Read more about the Switches and Sockets manufactured by MK, BG, and GET.

Besides the on/off switches or dimmers, there is a wide range of Varilight Intelligent dimmers and dimmerswitches – with a remote control and with touch control, energy saving solutions for indoors. Also, there is the Rako Wireless Controls devices, offering wireless dimming of the light fittings – You can remotely dim / control the lighting in the house via an iPhone app!

Read more about the Varilight Intelligent Dimmers and the Rako Wireless Dimmers.

A special category among the wiring devices are the Lutron Dimmers and the Lutron Dimming Systems. Ranging from a simple wall mounted switch or dimmer to a complex scene control dimming system, the Lutron Dimmers and the Lutron Dimming Systems meet both the simple and more complex lighting needs.

Read more about the Lutron Dimming Systems.

Everyone of us needs to know some “basic rules” for electrical safety for DIY, homeowners, and electricians to be safe and to make known the Safety Regulations! Also, one needs to know what do the latest Wiring Regulations say(the 17th Edition Regulations), how to choose the right electrician, etc.

Read more about the Electrical Safety Rules and the Wiring Regulations.

To buy online switches and sockets, visit the desired category: white plastic moulded finish, metal plate finished, modular and grid systems, outdoor switches and sockets, industrial and metal clad, switches and sockets backboxes, and then you can refine your choice by selecting the sub-category that matches your desired switch, socket, dimmer, switchsocket, spur, cooker switch, etc. See also the related tags: Forbes & Lomax, forbes and Lomax, rotary dimmer, switches and sockets, switches, switchsockets, European sockets, dolly switches, dimming systems, the Switches and Sockets Wizard, etc.

how to choose a Lutron Rania digital dimmer, Rania IR dimmers