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Take control of your lighting and reduce the energy consumption with the PIR detectors

  2009-10-02         admin         Advice » Energy Saving Tips
Step by step, we all need to contribute unto reducing the energy consumption - the usage of the PIR resence detectors is part of such an endeavor. The Presence detectors from SparksDirect brings economy and flexibility to the living area - both the home and the work place. By using the PIR presence detectors - that do not cost the earth! - the lights are activated only when they are needed(when the presence of a person is detected in the area), and they are off when no one is there! In the same principle you can use the Time Lag Switches.

This way of having the lights controlled by the Presence Detectors saves money and reduces the CO2 emissions when the areas are not occupied. Take a further step in controlling your lighting with our PIR light controllers and Time Lag Switches!

Vital features - helping the energy saving endeavors

  • The PIRs reduce the CO2 emissions.
  • The PIRs save energy.
  • The PIRs save money (don't use electricity for lights when you're not there!)
  • The PIRs are simple and easy to install.
  • The PIRs comply with Part L of Building Regulations.
In conclusion - save more than money by using PIRs(Occupancy Detectors and Switches) and Time Lag Switches! Some examples of PIRs:

Ceiling Flush PIR Occupancy Detector

  • 360 degrees flush mount ceiling occupancy detector.
  • Detection Range (Max) Metres: 6 dia. (at 2.5m height).
  • Light On Time After last detection(Adjustable): 5 Seconds (Min), 5 Minutes (Max).
  • Dimensions (mm): 71 (height) x 84 (width) x 84 (depth).
  • Maximum Light Load (W): Tungsten/Halogen External 2000.
  • Buy online this PIR occupancy detector for ceilings.

360 degrees Surface Mount Ceiling PIR Presence Detector

  • SLW360 360º Surface Mount Ceiling PIR Presence Detector.
  • Ideal for energy saving installations in the workplace, corridors, offices, toilets etc., where light control can make all the difference.
  • 6m diameter (3m radius) detection range at 2.5m mounting height.
  • Light ON time adjustable from 5 seconds to 18 minutes.
  • Buy online this PIR Surface Mounted Presence Detector.
Read about the Time Lag Switches(with some examples) online. Buy PIR presence detectors and Time Lag Switches via Energy Management solutions section.