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The CP Electronics RBT2 - the IHT16A Adjustable Boost Timer Delay Switch, Multi-range Run-Back Timer

  2010-10-08         admin         Product News » Switches and Sockets News
The CP Electronics RBT2 run back timer - the IHT16 adjustable boost timer delay switch - is a high output electronic timer which provides control for a wide range of loads. This unit allows an appliance to be powered for a set time period which can be adjusted by the user. A simple LED display shows the user how much time is left to run, and its “Night Light” feature illuminates all the LED’s when the unit is not in use, so the unit can be located in the dark. Pressing the switch whilst the IHT16A Adjustable Boost Timer Delay Switch is operating allows the user to cancel the timing program, and the memory function of the timer will remember the last time period selected.

Adjustable Boost Timer Delay Switch IHT16A Technical Specs:

To operate the RBT2 Timer Delay Switch, follow these simple steps(also detailed in the Installation Instructions and Wiring Diagrams):
  1. Press the button to start the timing sequence - the last selected time period will be used.
  2. As the unit times out the position of the LED will change to show how much time is left. The LED will give a warning flash when 2 minutes are left on the timing sequence.
  3. Pressing the button again during timing will turn the unit off.
  4. Press and hold the button to set the desired time period (15 minutes; 30 minutes; 1 hour or 2 hours). The LED will illuminate next to the selected time. After holding the button for a few seconds the timing will change to the next time period available. Release the button when it illuminates next to the desired time period — the LED will stay on the selected time.
  5. When the unit has turned off, it is not necessary to select the time period again, just press the button to repeat the previous time period.
Just like the Ellipse Push Button Time Lag Switch and the other time lag switches/multi-timers, the CP Electronics RBT2 Adjustable Boost Timer Delay Switch is an energy saving solution.