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The Danlers CESF PIR ceiling surface-mounted PIR switch for solid ceilings, 6A PIR occupancy presence switch

  2010-07-19         admin         Product News » Lighting News
The Danlers CESF PIR is a ceiling surface-mounted PIR occupancy switch. A PIR switch is a passive infra-red quad person detector. It has an adjustable photocell: "Inhibit on" photocell. The photocell will inhibit the lights from switching on when somebody enters an area with plenty of ambient light. However, if somebody is already occupying an area with the lights switched on, the lights will remain on while the area is occupied, regardless of any increase in the ambient light level. This is to avoid any nuisance switching off when somebody is in the middle of a task or meeting. The Danlers CESF PIR is a hard wired version and can be mounted on a square pattress box.

Read more below about the Danlers CESFPIR technical specs, view some detection diagrams, the CESF PIR wiring diagrams, and details about the start-up mode.

Danlers CESF PIR Technical Specification

  • Detection zone: 360ยบ;
  • Time lag range: 10 seconds to 40 minutes in 9 steps;
  • Photocell range: 100 to 1000 lux, and inactive;
  • Loading: up to 6 amps (1500W) of resistive, fluorescent or inductive lighting loads, or up to 1 amp (250W) of fans;
  • Dimensions: 86mm(width) x 86mm(length) x 22mm(projection/above the ceiling level);
  • Buy online the Danlers CESF PIR occupancy detector switch for ceilings.

Danlers CESFPIR Detection Diagrams

The above is a detection diagram for a single ceiling mounted PIR occupancy switch - For optimum coverage the recommended mounting height should be between 2.4 and 5m.

Detection diagram for several PIR occupancy switches - Ideal for siting in open plan areas. For best coverage the PIR occupancy switches should be spaced every 5m in either direction

Danlers CESF PIR Wiring Diagrams

The above are the wiring diagrams for a Single CESF PIR(left) and a few CESF PIR wired in parallel(right), as supplied by Danlers.

The Danlers CESFPIR Start-up Mode

When the mains supply is initially connected to the PIR occupancy switch it goes through its Start-up Mode. This means it switches on for about 1 minute, then switches off and enters its Operating Mode. If a manual wall switch is feeding the PIR occupancy switch then it will go through the Start-up Mode each time the wall switch is switched on. By wiring the manual wall switch in the alternative position, the supply to the PIR occupancy switch is uninterrupted and it remains in Operating Mode. It does not go through its Start-up Mode each time the wall switch is switched on.

To purchase the 6A Danlers CESF PIR occupancy detector switch for interior ceiling mounting, according to the above specs supplied by Danlers, visit the Occupancy Detectors and Switches, and choose the Danlers CESFPIR.