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The Flos Kelvin LED Table Lamps - modern adjustable Desk LED Light from Flos

  2010-06-11         admin         Product News » Lighting News
With the new Kelvin LED range of Table Lights / Desk Lights from Flos, a new vision in the LED technology is being introduced! This Kelvin LED Desk Light is a new addition to the Flos Kelvin range, designed by Antonio Citterio. Just like the original Kelvin lamps, the Kelvin LED Light provides direct, adjustable light with a double arm, fixed pantograph and adjustable head.

Materials: The body is made from cast aluminium alloy and the head features a protection screen in polycarbonate moulded by injection. As for the overall structure, this is made from square tubular extruded aluminium alloy, shined and protected with a transparent liquid varnish. The Flos Kelvin LED models are available in black or white the ON/OFF switch is of an electronic type with optical functioning located on the light's head.

Flos Kelvin LED Desk Lamp / Table Light

  • The Kelvin LED lamp comes in cast aluminium alloy;
  • Switching: Electronic ON/OFF switch;
  • Models available: Black Kelvin LED Lamp or White Kelvin LED Lamp;
  • Designer: Designed in 2009 by Antonio Citterio with Toan Nguyen;
  • Energy Saving: Low energy consumption, ECO Friendly product;
  • Note: Please note that the instruction manual provided in some of the Kelvin LED'S has a misprint stating the lamp can be dimmed. This is a miss-print. The lamp can be turned ON/OFF only.
  • More Flos Kelvin LED Table light features: - Width base:  16.6cm; - Height of 1st arm: 46.7cm; - Height of 2nd arm: 56.5cm; - Width of head: 10cm; - Light Source: 30 x top LED 325 lumen; - Colours: Black, White; - Cable Length: 180cm; - Material: Aluminium.

Applications of the Flos Kelvin LED Desk Lamp

Flos Kelving LED Lamp used as a desk lamp

The Flos Kelvin LED Lamp used as a bedside adjustable lamp

The Flos Kelvin LED Bedside / Desk / Table Lamp - models

The Flos Kelvin LED Table Lamp is simply amazing - fully adjustable, it can be "extended" or "folded" to reach wherever you want it to reach. Energy saving, using the LED advanced technology and offering a 8W lamp. Buy online the existing models via sparksdirect(table lamps from Flos):
  • Flos Kelvin LED Table Light, 8W modern LED Desk Lamp in a Black finish - the Flos FZ430;
  • Flos Kelvin LED Table Light, 8W modern LED Desk Lamp in a White finish - the Flos FZ431;