IP55 1.5kW Patio Heater in White, Weather Resistant Frosted Halogen Heater BN Thermic HWP2W

Model No. HWP2W by: BN Thermic
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This is the BN Thermic HWP2-W white patio heater, a 1.5KW IP55 rated halogen heater ideal for both indoor and outdoor heating. The HWP2 halogen heater provides safe and instant warmth in a variety of outdoor environments. 

The BN Thermic HWP patio heaters are an elegant and efficient way of providing instant, comforting heat in either outdoor or indoor locations. The relatively small size of the white HWP2 1.5kW heater means you are bound to find the perfect spot to place it, and leave it, with your mind at ease - it is weather resilient after all!

The HWP2-W from BN Thermic is a versatile exterior heater that is suitable for a wide multitude of applications. As they are IP55 rated they are virtually weather-proof; once they are installed they may be left outside throughout the course of the entire year. 

They are constructed of aluminium and have a stainless steel safety grille, and are also supplied with a prime-quality replaceable halogen lamp with an operating lifespan of 7000 hours. The open front design means the heaters are extra efficient went switched on during a particularly cold day to provide some welcome warmth. 

All patio heaters in this range include a wall mounting bracket and parasol clamp: just in case you want to make sure they don’t blow away in the wind! 

The HWP2 Patio Heater from BN Thermic is well suited for both domestic and commercial uses, including pub gardens, pavement cafes and even golf driving ranges: the range of locations you can use them in is virtually limitless. 

  • Dimensions: 480mm (length) x 125mm (height) x 125mm (depth); minimum mounting height: 1.8m. 
  • In an exposed location and where mounting height is relatively high, it is recommended to install a heater like the HWP2, the 2kW patio heater. 
  • When this Patio Heater is wall mounted at 2m height, it covers an area of 2.3m bottom width x 2.4m length x 4.0m far width, a total area of 7.6 square metres. 
  • When this Patio Heater is wall mounted at 2.5m height, it covers an area of 3.0m bottom width x 3.0m length x 5.2m far width, a total area of 12.3 square metres. 
  • If the patio heater is overhead mounted at 2.0m, it covers an area of 3.6m width x 3.6m length, a total area of 9.0 square metres. 
  • If the patio heater is overhead mounted at 2.5m, it covers an area of 4.8m width x 3.5m length, a total area of 16.8 square metres. 

BN Thermic White Patio Heater - Features and Benefits 

  • Providing safe, instant comfort heat in outdoor locations
  • Ensures the maximum use of outdoor facilities
  • Minimal maintenance especially when compared to gas systems
  • Low running costs by selecting from a range of control options
  • Smart modern design complementing external decor
  • The HWP patio heaters are a stylish means of providing comfort heat in outdoor or indoor locations
  • Professional quality patio heaters suitable for both domestic and commercial applications including pub gardens, pavement cafes and golf driving ranges
  • Completely safe to install and leave outdoors all year round
  • Shortwave Technology: HWP heaters utilise shortwave technology to provide direct heat to people without the need to warm the surrounding air.  Shortwave energy cannot be blown off course by a breeze making it suitable for outdoor use.
  • Halogen Lamp: The high quality infrared halogen lamp produces shortwave radiant energy that can pass through the air with virtually no losses until it is experienced as warmth by people entering its target area. The lamp will be 100% effective the instant it is switched on.
  • Light intensity reduced for lower height installations
  • IP55 rating: Completely safe to install and leave in outdoor locations
  • Long lamp life: An average lamp life of 7000 hours operation means minimal ‘down time’ and a corresponding saving in the cost of spare lamps
  • Precision parabolic reflector: The highly polished and precision designed parabolic reflector efficiently focuses the shortwave energy at the target area ensuring maximum benefit from every kW consumed
  • Safety Guard: Prevents accidental contact with the heat lamp.
  • Mounting bracket and suspension lugs provided: A choice of mounting systems allows the heaters to be positioned exactly as required to focus output precisely on the target area.  The brackets allow ‘up and down’ adjustment.

How do the Patio Heaters work?

BN Thermic HWP patio heaters use quartz heat lamps to produce shortwave energy.  This energy is directed at the required target area by a precision designed parabolic reflector. Shortwave energy moves in straight lines from the reflector to the target area without heating the air in between. However once the energy is absorbed by solid bodies, which could be objects or people, it is experienced as heat. Shortwave energy cannot be blown off course by breezes and draughts making it ideally suited to outdoor use.

The HWP patio heaters are supplied with adjustable brackets for wall mounting. Alternatively the heaters can be suspended using wires or chains. As the BN Thermic HWP patio heaters are 100% effective the instant they are switched on, there is no need to pre-warm an area. For this reason it is a good idea to use control devices that ensure that an occupied area is not heated. Typically these would be time delay switches or movement sensors.

White Patio Heater - Technical Specifications

  • Finish: Epoxy polyester powder coating
  • Lamp: Frosted halogen lamp (1.5kW heaters)
  • Construction: Aluminium case, Electro anodised aluminium press-formed parabolic reflector, Stainless steel safety guard
  • Mounting: Steel wall bracket providing ‘up and down’ angle adjustment, Lugs for suspension
  • Ingress protection: IP55 rated patio heater
  • Electrical connections: 3m high temperature cable fitted to all heaters
  • Guarantee: 1 year
  • Wattage: 1.5KW, 230V/1
  • Finish: white
  • Dimensions: 480mm length, 125mm depth, 125mm height
  • Weight: 1.7Kg
  • Lamp used: 1500W, horizontal burning, 440mm length, frosted diffuser, double insulated, 375mm lead length, Plain Ferrule terminals. 

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