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Wall Mounted No Neutral Presence Detector, energy saving presence detection switch

  2010-02-26         admin         Product News » Lighting News
The PDS Presence Detection Switch replaces a single gang light switch - it detects movement using a PIR sensor and turns the lights on/off. An internal light sensor is provided for additional energy saving. This Presence Detector Switch is a low cost, fast fit presence detector. A built in light level sensor can be set to keep lights off if there is sufficient natural light.

The PDS range of Presence Detector Switches do not require a neutral connection so that they can quickly replace an existing light switch. An optional override facility allows the following functions:

  • The lights can be turned off - for example during a presentation or at night in a bedroom;
  • The lights can be turned on even if there is sufficient natural light, and then automatically turn off when occupancy has ceased.
The PDS-ABS/OV presence detector switch functions as an absence detector. The lights do not turn on automatically, only when the override button is pressed, after which the lights will turn off automatically when occupancy has ceased. The detector should be sited so that the occupants of the room fall inside the detection pattern shown overleaf, at a recommended height of 1.2m to 1.5m. Note that the higher the sensor is installed the shorter the detection range will be.

Key features & Benefits of this Presence Detector Switch

  • Low cost - Quick payback;
  • No neutral connection - You can use with existing wiring;
  • Shallow design - Will fit low profile BS switch boxes;
  • Integral light sensor - Keeps lights off if there is enough natural light;
  • Adjustable 1 hour timing - User comfort;
  • With or without override - This switch allows user control;
  • Multi-way switching - 1 way 2 way or intermediate switching;
  • Relay output - Capable of switching up to 5A of fluorescent lighting;
  • Detection pattern - Up to 9 metre coverage.
  • More details + purchase online the PDS PIR Presence Detector Switch for Wall mounting.
Note: This device should be installed by a qualified electrician in accordance with the latest edition of the IEE wiring regulations

To find this PDS PIR Wall Mounted Presence detector Switch and more other - visit the Occupancy Detectors and Switches (via the Energy management solutions).