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What is an Intermediate Switch?

A regular switch (rocker switch or dolly/toggle switch) is a 2-way switch; an intermediate switch has a special function. An intermediate switch is used in the middle of a 3 or more ways lighting circuit. For example, in a large room you can have two 2-way switches at either end, but if you want to add one in the middle, you need an intermediate switch. If there's a staircase with many floors, you need a 2-way switch at either ends and as many intermediate switches you need in the middle. An intermediate switch cannot work on its own; it requires 2-way switches at the end of the circuit.

What is a 2-way Switch?

A 2-way switch is a normal on/off switch for turning lights ON or OFF; a 2-way switch means there is or can be another switch controlling the same light. A 2-way switch can be used as a 1-way switch as needed. If you want to switch the lights from both sides of the room, or from upstairs and downstairs, what you need is a 2-way switch. If you need to switch the same lights from more than 2 places, intermediate switch/es are required. 

What is a Double Pole Switch?

A DP switch (double pole) is not a regular light switch; it is rated at 20A and is designed for the connection of refrigerators, water heaters, central heating boilers, and many other fixed appliances. It is a 20A rated ON/OFF switch for appliances, not for lights. 

What is a Master Phone Socket?

A master BT phone socket (main telecom socket) is a socket to be used where your telephone line enters your property. It is a master phone socket, which means secondary phone sockets can be connected ot linked to it if you need more than one phone sockets.

What is a slave phone socket?

A secondary (slave) phone socket is used in installations as an extension socket when connected on the same line in parallel with a master phone socket. It can be used only with a master phone socket, and it is an additional telephone point which feeds from the master telephone socket. It cannot work by itself: it requires a master BT socket.

What is a Shaver Socket?

A dual voltage shaver socket (115/240V) is suitable for bathroom use, to be used with 240V and 115 electric shavers and electric toothbrushes. In the UK there are the dual voltage shaver sockets for bathroom use, ideal for use with the shavers and electric toothbrushes, for their charging.

What is a Fan Switch?

A triple pole fan isolator switch provides a safe and simple method of isolating mechanical fan units. To be installed usually outside the bathroom or where the fan is, these switches can be used only with the bathroom fans or ventilation fans.

What is a Cooker Switch?

A red rocker cooker switch (rated at 45A) come usually either in a tall plate (double size) or single plate and is to be used with cookers and ovens. Having a high amperage rating, the cooker switches usually come with a red rocker and a neon/LED indicator and work only with cookers and ovens; they are not regular light switches.

What is a Spur?

A spur is a fused connection unit coming with a 13A fuse. It can be switched, unswitched, with power indicator or/and with cable flex outlet. The fused connection unit is ideal for spur circuits and hardwired appliances. They are not regular switches - they are spurs, to be used with circuit requiring a spur or hard-wired appliances.

What is a Socket Outlet?

The 13A socket outlet is for wall mounting and can be used with 3-pin UK plugs for different appliances. It comes with a 13A fuse. It is a female socket outlet connected to the mains voltage power wiring in the building, accepting the male plugs attached at the end of a cable lead. It is an outlet allowing electrical equipment to connect to the electrical grid in order to operate properly.

What is a Rotary Dimmer?

A rotary dimmer is wall mounted electrical device to adjusting the light level for mood setting and energy saving. It also has 2-way ON/OFF; when pressed, it turns the light ON or OFF. If the light bulb is dimmable, the dimmer will adjust the light level as the knob is rotated to the left or right.

What is a LED dimmer?

A LED dimmer is a rotary dimmer that can dim LED lamps and lights that are dimmable. It adjusts the light level for mood setting as well as energy saving with 2-way on/off. It can be a trailing edge dimmer or a leading edge dimmer, and it can also dim lighting loads that are not LED lamps.

What is a Cooker Unit?

A cooker unit, or a cooker switch with a switched socket, is a two-gang plate with a red rocker cooker switch on one side and a single switched 13A socket on the other side, each having power indicators. The cooker switch is rated at 45A and the socket at 13A. The cooker switch can be used for cookers and the socket provides an extra power outlet when needed.

What is a Co-axial socket?

A co-axial socket (also called COAX or TV/FM socket) is a socket outlet which can be used for a TV or FM aerial connection.