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An Infra-Red Heater Warms a House for Life, Not Just for Christmas!

An Infra-Red Heater Warms a House for Life, Not Just for Christmas!

  2012-12-12         sparksdirect         Safety » Fire Safety

They're more and more common in pubs and outdoor areas. We went to the Red Market this weekend and huddled around the heaters (never mind that they were in the bar area).

These wonderful devices emit infrared light, which is invisible because the human eye can't detect light at that wavelength.

How an Infrared Heater Works 

Roughly, the infrared heater is just a thing with a higher temperature that transfers energy through electromagnetic radiation to another thing with a lower temperature - like the earth and the sun.

Your skin and clothes absorb the light. This is known as radiant heat.

And we mean, technically a ceramic radiator is a radiant-heat fitting, but electric infrared heaters do a much better job with no plumbing required and for much less power consumption of a conventional electric heater!

Advantages of Infrared Heating

Electric infrared heaters are very efficient as most of the energy is transferred into radiant energy (although some is lost due to conduction and/or convection).

Overall this means savings of up to 30-50% on heating costs. Not only that, but there are no harmful fuels to release into the environment, making an infrared heater a perfect Christmas gift for the cold and the eco-conscious.

Normal convection heaters warm the air in a space, which leads to "heat layering" - not so with infrared! Another plus for your comfort is the fact that they are practically noiseless because no air is being pumped.

However, an infrared heater is not a very good replacement for a central heating system.

Point one in the right direction, though, and you'll be nice and toasty - even on the patio in the middle of December! We have a couple of infrared spot heaters in the store, and we heartily recommend these devices to warm your feet (and your whole self) this winter!

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