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Aico EI170RF Hard of Hearing Strobe Fire Alarm with Vibration Pad and RadioLINK Interconnection

Model No. EI170RF by: Aico
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This is the Aico EI170RF hard of hearing strobe fire alarm with vibration pad and RadioLINK interconnection. An Aico RadioLINK-enabled visual/tactile alarm designed for deaf and hard-of-hearing users who may be unable to hear a conventional auditory sounder.

Please note: this item is non-returnable; due to the nature of this item, it has an electronic component and sensor, and we cannot take this item back for a refund as "unwanted".

This alarm kit includes a high-intensity strobe light with a specially designed wide-angle lens, and it supports input from and output to other accessories via two auxiliary sockets, such as vibration discs, auto-diallers and alarm clocks.

This kit comes complete with a vibration disc to be placed underneath the user's pillow at night. When the alarm system is activated the disc will vibrate, providing a tactile warning of fire. Perfect for deep sleepers. The alarm does not contain a sensor and so requires a connection to an Aico RadioLINK-enabled smoke/heat detector. The Ei170RF system is mains-powered and incorporates a rechargeable backup battery in the event of mains failure. 

Aico EI170RF Hard of Hearing Strobe Fire Alarm - Features and Benefits

  • The Aico Ei170RF is a RadioLINK alarm system designed to give warning to the deaf and hard of hearing on receipt of an alarm or test signal. It consists of a control box with integral strobe and a plug-in vibration pad.
  • It has a built-in high intensity Xenon strobe with a specially designed lens that provides wide-angle light output. An integral ‘Test’ button on the front of the unit, allows an easy means of testing the strobe, vibration pad and the RadioLINK bases/alarms in the system. 
  • The vibration pad has a simple plug-in connector and is designed to be placed under a pillow to wake people who fail to respond to the visual strobe.
  • This alarm is designed to be powered from a permanent mains power supply. It also contains a rechargeable battery that provides back-up power in the event of mains failure.
  • This fire alarm supports connectivity to optional input and output devices, e.g. pagers, strobes, alarm clocks.
  • It uses advanced transceiver and signal coding technology to ensure robust and reliable RF signaling. It also has a House-Code feature that allows a system of RadioLINK units to be coded together to prevent interference with neighboring systems.

Aico EI170RF Hard of Hearing Strobe Fire Alarm - Technical Specs

  • hard of hearing strobe fire alarm from Aico.
  • Power-On Indicator: Continuous Green LED when mains connected
  • Amber light flashes every 4 seconds when mains is absent
  • Alarm Indicators: Xenon tube strobe (1.5 Hz)
  • Red LED flashes every second The vibration pad, in alarm, has an on-off 2 second cycle
  • Fault Indicator: Amber LED flashes every 4 seconds when a fault is detected or battery is low
  • RF Indicator: Blue LED on to indicate RF transmission
  • Auxiliary Output 1: Provides 12V DC /180mA in alarm
  • Auxiliary Output 2: Provides 12V DC /20mA in alarm
  • Visual RF transmission and power indicators
  • Supply Voltage: 230V AC, 50Hz Transformer supplied with device
  • Battery back-up: Sealed Rechargeable lead acid battery
  • Auxiliary sockets for connection of additional devices
  • Alarm Clock Input: 5-24V (AC or Mains isolated DC) 3.5mm mono jack socket
  • Test Button: Tests strobe, vibration pad, panel and all connected RadioLINK smoke alarms and accessories
  • Unique House-Coding
  • Temperature Range: 0°C to 40°C
  • Humidity Range: 15% to 95% Relative Humidity – non condensing
  • Frequency: 868MHz band (1% duty cycle)
  • Rechargeable battery back-up
  • Low battery power warning
  • Interconnect: you can intercoonect this alarm with up to 12 interconnected RadioLINK smoke/heat alarms and accessories such as the Aico Ei3100RF, Aico Ei3105RF, Aico Ei3103RF, Aico Ei405, Aico Ei405TY, Aico Ei168RC, Aico Ei410, Aico Ei411H, Aico Ei428, Aico Ei407, Aico Ei174, and Aico Ei178.
  • Fixing: Wall or surface mounting screw fixings supplied
  • Plastic material: UL94VO flame retardant
  • Accessories: Ei178 Auxiliary Strobe Light Ei174 Auxiliary Vibration Pad
  • Approvals: BS 415:1990 electrical safety, CE Marked
  • Warranty: 5 year (limited) warranty

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