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Airflow iCON - the new face of ventilation

Airflow iCON - the new face of ventilation

  2008-11-15         sparksdirect         Product News » Ventilation News

Airflow iCON ventilator, stylish designIt's different than any other fan, it's something you never saw before.

Looks better, it's quieter, and much easier to install than many other fans. Sometimes it can be confused with a downlighter because of its slim profile and iris shutter, that make it so stylish.

Because of the unique shutter design incorporated, the switching on / off of this ventilator is amost silent.


Elegant design goes eye to eye with the quality and attention to detail demanded by modern day homebuilders.

Thoughtfully conceived iCON presents the specifier and installer with a new dimension in simplicity of selection and installed performance.

Matching the required control functions (pull cord, timer, humidity, PIR, two speed) to the installation, simply means plugging in an interchangeable module into any iCON fan.

It’s a win win situation for the stockist too who optimises his shelf space and for the contractor who avoids carrying a van load of fans.

Designed to Perform

The new Building Regulations, Approved Document F, April 2006, details performance based alternatives to deliver effective ventilation.

iCON fans comply with the air flow requirements for intermittent extraction rates and continuous ventilation for toilets, bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens.

iCON 15 is designed to meet the specific advice in the Good Practice Guide to the installation of fans for dwellings in appendix E for ducted axial fan bathroom installations when used with our specified flexible ducting and exterior grille.

iCON 30 meets the specific Good Practice Guide for ducted centrifugal fan bathroom installations when used with our specified flexible ducting and exterior grille.

Recommended usage of the Airflow Icon fan

  • Safety and Economy - Low energy, low watt iCON fans (12V DC) provide long life with considerable savings, combined with SELV (safety extra low voltage) protection in wet zone s(like the bathrooms).
  • Kitchens and utility rooms - iCON’s design fits unobtrusively into any style of kitchen and its high efficiency is perfect for utility rooms.
  • Toilets and bathrooms - With efficient extraction in a range of capacities, iCON fans are ideally suited to toilets, en suites and bathrooms.

Airflow Icon fan, delivers effective ventilation

  • Quiet, stylish, slim and unobtrusive in walls or ceilings
  • Unique iris shutter, prevents back draughts, operates silently and
  • Helps reduce noise ingress
  • Range comprises 21 I/sec, 32 I/sec and 72 I/sec fans
  • Interchangeable control modules match fan to installation requirements
  • Meets Building Regulations, Approved Document F, April 2006, for extract fans
  • TÜV, BEAB approved
  • Continuous ventilation fans, adjustable 8 l/sec and 13 l/sec extraction.
  • 12V DC low energy, low watt, long life/SELV versions
  • Splashproof, tiling friendly, wipe clean cover
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
  • Three year ‘no quibble’ guarantee
You can buy this fan online at sparkdirect.co.uk, in different models.