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Can I Keep my Low Voltage Recessed Lights and yet use them with LED Lamps?

Can I Keep my Low Voltage Recessed Lights and yet use them with LED Lamps?

  2017-02-23         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice

We get asked hundreds of questions concerning how to do more energy saving lighting, from, "Do I need to replace all my downlights with LED lights" to "do you have low voltage LED lights" and "is this LED lamp dimmable".

Our consultants over the counter and on the phone at Sparks and Lights are ready to advise all those who want to save energy, so why not pop into our lighting showroom in Archway, North London, N19 5SE!

Oh, by the way, they are doing some nice road repairs at the Archway gyratory, so it will be quite awesome when all these construction works will be finished in a month or two...

One of the question people ask us is, How can I keep my existing low voltage downlights and use LED lamps?

Many times the low voltage LED lamps are either more expensive or they may not work with the existing installation.

Furthermore, nobody wants to "rip out all the 12V downlights" in the kitchen and in the bathroom, just so that he would install GU10 downlights that work with LED lamps. So at Sparks we have a simple solution to this situation:

GU10LH + 141724

The GU10LH Lampholder is a simple mains voltage lampholder with tails that can be installed in the low voltage downlight to convert it to mains voltage GU10 recessed lamp.

Of course, the 12V driver must be removed (and the MR16 lampholder too, if possible).

Adding and installing this GU10 lampholder by a registered electrician (please, don't DIY this one!) will allow you to convert a low voltage downlight into a GU10 downlight.

Can I Keep my Low Voltage Recessed Lights and yet use them with LED Lamps? Yes, by using an extra GU10 lampholder and installing this universally dimmable LED lamp from Megaman!

Megaman LED Lamps - retrofit dimmable GU10 lamp offering a warm white or cool white light, the ideal LED lamp for your ceiling light. This LED light bulb is dimmable with a leading edge or a trailing edge dimmer; in other words, you can dim this LED lamp even without having to install a LED dimmer.

So you don't need to dig out and replace your existing wall dimmer - you simply install this Megaman 5.5W GU10 LED lamp, and you're sorted out!

This is only one of the many ways of keeping your existing LV downlights yet using them with LED lamps. It requires the help of a registered electrician, but the procedure is simple.

Here's a simple checklist of the features and benefits of such a situation:

  • Do you want to keep your existing ceiling downlights in the kitchen or the bathroom? Check.
  • Do you want to use energy saving lamps - LED lamps - and thus save £££ on your bills? Check.
  • Do you want to minimize the electrical work done to your ceiling while switching to energy saving? Check.
  • Do you want to dim your LED lamps without paying extra money for LED dimmers? Check.
  • Do you want to want to switch to LED lamps and not spend tons of money on it? Check.
  • Do you want to make sure you don't book your electrician again and again, but you have a clear job for him? Check.
What do you think? If you are an electrician or a home owner, or you have found a better way to keep the existing low voltage recessed lights and yet use LED lamps, let us know in the comments.