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high illumination floodlight, the classic Illuma Highspot for indoor highlighting

  2009-11-02         admin         Product News » Lighting News
Illuma floodlights - Classic style floodlights, ideal for areas requiring high illumination. The Illuma Highspot range is ideal for interior floodlighting of large areas, such as shop windows, showrooms, exhibitions and galleries, where high levels of illumination are required with low maintenance and running costs. Ready to supply track light fittings for both small illumination and high illumination needs, Illuma supplies this high quality range for indoor highlighting - the Illuma Highspot range.

Read more below about some of the general features of the Highspot range, the lamp description, some technical data, and the materials used in the Highspot range.

Illuma Highspot - floodlights - general features

  • Supplied with toughened safety glass;
  • High-efficiency, super-pure aluminium reflector;
  • Compact design;
  • Highspot Floodlight CDM-TD with 1-Circuit Track Adaptor;
  • Single-ended and double-ended lamps; 35W, 70W or 150W;
  • Standard version for use with Illuma 1-circuit track;
  • Surface-mounting versions; white, black or silver-grey finish;
  • Other track versions can be made to order: for use with certain types of Concord, Global and Thorn 1-circuit track (order THQE3070/G1 etc); for use with Global 3-circuit track (order THQE3070/G3 etc);
  • Attachments: louvre, cowl and barndoor;
  • Single-ended version can be made to order for miniature white SON lamp (SDW-TG);
  • Fully adjustable: body rotates 355°, lighting head tilts 90°;
  • The integral electronic gear provides constant power, shuts off faulty lamps to eliminate pulsing and protect the gear, gives flicker-free lighting, improved colour maintenance and virtually silent;
  • Easy installation and removal from track. The adaptor locks the spotlight positively to the track, and on the standard version incorporates a switch for individual switching;
  • These surface spotlights are pre-wired to a 10A terminal block;
  • The integral control gear simplifies wiring and installation;
  • The safety glass can be easily removed for lamp change;
  • Comprehensive instructions inside.
  • Buy online the Illuma Highspot THQE315W - the white finished version of the Highspot range.

The Highspot Lamp Description - Illuma Floodlight

  • Crisp, white light.
  • Excellent colour rendering.
  • Output blends well with light from 12V tungsten halogen lamps.
  • Long life reduces maintenance costs.
  • Energy-efficient: up to 8 times the lumens per watt of a GLS lamp.
  • Lamp type: CDM-TD.
  • Cap type: - Rx7s(70W, 0.25 lamp current, 6300 lumens, 12000h lamp life) or - Rx7s-24(150W, 0.5 lamp current, 13000 lamp lumens, 12000h lamp life).

The Illuma Highspot technical data

  • Cut out diameter: 0mm;
  • IP Rating: IP20(used indoors, outside of the reach of water);
  • Weight: 2.28kg;
  • Input Voltage: 240V, mains voltage;
  • Dimming: Not Suitable for Dimming.

The Illuma Highspot Materials

  • Body: Aluminium, extruded body diecast heat sink;
  • Yoke: Mild Steel;
  • Lampholder: Ceramic;
  • Reflector: Super-Pure Aluminium;
  • Control Gear: Electronic.
To purchase online these Illuma Highspot flood light fittings, visit the Track Systems, Track Lights, Iluma Track Systems. Other ranges from Illuma introduced on our blog are the Concepta range, the Topspot range, the Electrospot range, the Lumapar range, the Electrostar range, the Rocket range, the Project 95 range, the Proseal range, or the Lumaseal range.