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Obtain the Perfect Lighting with the Lutron Dimmers, 4 steps to Choose your style

  2010-04-20         admin         Product News » Dimming Systems News
Choose your style - you have the option of creating the mood you desire, and we gave you some examples of the moods you may want to create. You know the mood you want. The next question is: how do you create it? Here’s how to choose the right dimmers for your home in four simple steps:

Step 1 - Choose the right Lutron Dimmer

Choose the right Lutron Dimmer in the style that best matches or complements the décor of the room. The available Lutron Dimmer Styles are: the slide dimmers(the Lutron Lyneo range), the digital dimmers(the Lutron Rania and Rania IR range), and the lamp dimmers(the Lutron Solina range).

The slide dimmers - Lutron Lyneo

The digital dimmers - Lutron Rania & Rania IR

The lamp dimmers - Lutron Solina

Step 2 - Choose the right dimmer for the light fittings you have

Choose the dimmer designed to control the kind of lights you have in the room, for example, incandescent, halogen or low voltage. Here are some of the existing types of lighting:
  • INC - Incandescent 230/240 V;
  • MVH - Mains voltage halogen 230/240 V;
  • MLV - Magnetic low voltage;
  • ELV - Electronic low voltage;
  • FLUO - 0-10 V Ballasts.

Step 3 - Calculate the total load

The incandescent light bulbs have wattage ratings marked on the bulb. Add up the wattage of all the bulbs in the fixture and select a dimmer that is rated above or equal to your total wattage.
  • Incandescent 230/240 V - ex. a three lamp chandelier, 3 x 100W = 300W;
  • Mains voltage halogen 230/240 V - ex. a three lamp fitting, 3 x 50W = 150W;
  • Magnetic low voltage - ex. a three lamp fitting, 3 x 35W = 105W;
  • Electronic low voltage - ex. a three lamp fitting, 3 x 35W = 105W;
  • Fluorescent 0-10 V: - Preset: To be used with an external monostable relay with a coil rated for 250 V and 30 VA max, 20 ballasts/40 mA; - Slider: Requires mains voltage occupancy sensor, 20 ballasts/40mA.

Step 4 - decide how many dimmers control a light fitting

In this last step you need to decide how many dimmers/switches control the same light fitting and choose from these options.
  • If there is only one switch, use a single-pole dimmer to dim a light from one location. (2-way or multi-location dimmers will work in this application);
  • If there is more than one switch, use a 2-way dimmer to dim a light from one location and switch from another. Choose a 2-way dimmer and a 2-way switch. (When using Rania dimmers, remember to use an accessory dimmer);
  • Use Multi-location dimming to dim a light from more than one location – up to ten. Choose one Rania dimmer and up to nine Rania accessory dimmers. Accessory dimmers work together with the intelligent dimmer, enabling more than one control to dim a light fixture.
These tips are taken from the Consumer Brochure from Lutron - the Wall-mounted dimmers from Lutron. To purchase the Lutron Lyneo, the Lutron Solina, or the Lutron Rania, please see the Wallbox Dimmers section on our website.