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prevent the condensation problems by having proper ventilation in your house!

prevent the condensation problems by having proper ventilation in your house!

  2011-12-20         sparksdirect         Advice » Ventilation Advice,   Product News » Ventilation News

Why do you need a proper ventilation in your home? One of the many things going on in the home is the condensation.

What is condensation? Condensation forms on a surface when the temperature of that surface is below the dew point of the surrounding air.

In general, condensation forms on the window, on the walls, on surfaces which have differing temperatures on their sides, etc.

As the air is cooled, its relative humidity rises until it reaches a point where it is saturated - and can no longer hold on to all the moisture in the atmosphere.

The temperature at which this occurs is the dew point and it will vary according to the initial moisture content in the air.

When the temperature drops in an occupied property, the air can no longer hold onto all the moisture that has been generated so it will migrate to the coldest parts of the house and condense onto the windows and walls.

prevent any wall or window condensation by having a proper ventilation in your house!

Recently we added the Silent 100 Design range of quiet bathroom / toilet extractor fans on our website.

This range of 100mm domestic axial extractor fans is ideal for wall or ceiling installations, and it is designed to solve ventilation problems in utility rooms and bathrooms.

Fitted with motors mounted on silent elastic blocks, the fans deliver incredibly silent running and exceptional performance with stylish features.

They come in either White or Silver finish. The SILENT 100 Design is an innovative domestic axial extract fan designed to offer a low level of noise supplied in a 230V format suitable for small rooms and bathrooms.

The fan is fitted with a neon light, backdraught shutter and airflow guide vanes as standard. The fans are supplied with four coloured interchangeable front panel trims.

Applications: the SILENT 100 Design can be wall or ceiling mounted to meet the Building Regulations - Part F (England), Scottish Building Regulations

The Silent 100 Design bathroom fans - Features

  • Sealed for life ball bearings
  • Silent elastic blocks
  • Numerous quality features
  • IP45 rated axial fan
  • Backdraught shutter and airflow guide vanes as standard
  • Standard Thermal Overload Protection (S.T.O.P)
  • Available in white or silver
  • Five year guarantee
  • Elegant design
  • Incredibly silent running
  • High performance
  • Significant energy savings
  • Complies with building regulations
  • Models: EnviroVent 100T (with timer), and the Silent 100 Design range of white bathroom fan and silver bathroom fan.