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Protect Your Home Safely with a Wireless Alarm System

Protect Your Home Safely with a Wireless Alarm System

  2012-09-10         sparksdirect         Safety » Electrical Safety

A burglary can be extremely traumatic: the Ferries, who just last week shot a would-be burglar and spent two days under interrogation, know this about as well as anyone.

Obviously, we do not condone the use of a shotgun as to keep your home safe and so we would like to offer an alternative: the affordable and versatile Infinite Prime home security system.

Note: this system is no longer available at Sparks; here are the available wireless intruder alarms available.

At its most basic, this is a simple intruder alert system that will set off an alarm when it detects motion or the breaking of glass.

But it can be customised to meet your unique needs; it can be particularly helpful for elderly or vulnerable people as an emergency contact system that can call up to six numbers when it detects the absence of motion (or when the panic button is pressed).

There is also a variety of modules that can be added so that your cat won't set it off or so the system can send you a text message when an alarm is triggered.

In short, you can take one step further towards living in the house of the future.

The full package will set you back just £219, while the mobile network-enabled system costs a little more at £335.99 (prices don't include VAT).

Much better than spending a couple of days being questioned by the police. If you're not ready to make the investment, however, we've compiled a short list of security tips for your home.

Some General Home Security Tips

  • Make sure all the windows and doors are locked whenever you leave the house.
  • Consider making a small investment in an electronics timer to make it look like you're inside. An energy-efficient lightbulb will do the trick; no need to leave the television running.
  • Don't reveal your location on Twitter; that's just a very 21st century way of telling people you're out of the house (and while you're changing your privacy settings, you should definitely follow us).
  • Why not get a dog? In a survey of professional burglars, 65% said they would be put off by a furry friend.
We have a range of security systems available in our online store.