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some of our policies may sound strange, but they are safe, don't you think?

  2010-06-10         admin         Sparks Direct News » Sparks Updates
Many online stores may not have the policies we so dearly hold, but one thing is sure: though they may "sound strange" in today's world, they are nonetheless safe for the customer! We care very much for the customer's safety and security, especially when it comes to the online orders. Also, we want to be protected / safe. Here are some of these "strange sounding" policies, which some of our customers don't like too much:
  • we deliver ONLY to the Billing Address - yes, we know that many stores deliver to other specified addresses, but at least for now, we want to make sure that "the owner of the card gets the items to the address registered with the card". We're considering ways of shipping the items ordered by our customers - to their work address(since they are not at home during the day), but for now this is the best we came up with;
  • You have to arrange with the courier the details - we send you the shipping details, and from then on you have "full control" over the delivery: you can call the courier company to ask them/request from them the time of delivery(even arrange a next day/other day delivery). Yes, we can also do this, but it's much better for you, the customer, to do this(you know your own situation/condition);
  • paypal payments denied because of the unconfirmed address - we have previously analyzed this, many of the paypal users shop on ebay or other shops that trust paypal/belong to the same category; all the online stores are "being recommended NOT to ship the orders to un-confirmed addresses/status"! The confirmation / verification of the address for a paypal account is simple, they explain it step by step. So, until that happens, we "listen to paypal" and advise you to call us for more details...
  • we prefer the online orders to the ones over the phone - for your safety, it's much better if we don't know your card details but have them entered through a "https://" secure page on our website, having the online payment system dealing with it. It's much safer, and much better!
  • when you order online and select in-store pick-up, you have to bring the card you ordered with - this sounds "dah!", that is, it should be like that, but sometimes customers send someone else to pick up the items, and don't send the card with them. Again, for the protection / security / safety of the customer, we want to see the card that was used to order online!
  • you can send the un-wanted items back in less than 2 weeks - this is a standard clause - if you purchase anything, you have at least 14 days(2 weeks) when you can change your mind and send the items back PROVIDED you didn't use them(sometimes even: provided you didn't open the package/break the seal on the box). We comply to this rule, but something like "I receive the order 1 month ago, and I just opened the package now, so I want to return this and this item" is not acceptable(unless the sales people can accept these items back & we refund you the money minus the 15% handling charge.
What do you think about these policies? We are open for suggestions, but when it comes to the changing of the policy, that will take some time and considerations. We would like to take this opportunity to warmly thank all our visitors and customers for doing their best to comply with the simple rules we practice for the online ordering process, and thus the items ordered got to their destination safely and securely. It is not that easy to reconcile - the desire / preference of the customer with the general rules for safe online ordering & safe shipping. But, I hope, we're all learning...