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SparksDirect.co.uk Nominated for the 2014 Best Electrical Wholesaler Website

SparksDirect.co.uk Nominated for the 2014 Best Electrical Wholesaler Website

  2014-04-16         sparksdirect         Sparks Direct News » Sparks Updates

Every year the people at Electrical Wholesaler Magazine not only put out an excellent print publication and a resourceful website with news but also the Electrical Wholesaler Awards.

This year Sparks Electrical Wholesalers with their revamped and all-new mobile responsive website is one of the contenders for the Best Electrical Wholesaler Website, and we are definitely intending to win!

'Unfortunately, there is no "online voting form" for our friends, customers, and visitors to show how much they appreciate our website, but we are still happy that we're in the race to get the award!

Sparks and the Electrical Wholesaler Awards

In their own words,
Designed to celebrate the electrical wholesale industry, the awards offer the UK’s electrical wholesalers the opportunity to have their achievements recognised and have their say alone for the supplier award categories.
Some of our manufacturers and suppliers are also on the list, together with many of our competitors, but we are delighted to be shortlisted for the 2014 Electrical Wholesaler Awards, a high distinction given to the best in the business by the people at the Electrical Wholesaler Magazine.

After appearing in the print and web edition of the magazine with an article based on our experience with our new website, it is time to participate in this nationwide competition for the Best Electrical Wholesaler Awards!

Why SparksDirect.co.uk is one of the Best Electrical Wholesaler Websites out there

Check out the www.sparksdirect.co.uk Mobile Response website!

We are aiming to be the best electrical wholesaler website, and for this we are constantly improving both the design of the website, the quality of the information presented, the photography, the functionality, and the customer service.

Here are some of the best features that we at SparksDirect.co.uk have and which qualify us to be one of the best electrical wholesaler website out there:

  • Extensive Range of lights, dimming systems, switches and sockets, electrical items, heating and ventilation systems, and fire and security. In particular, on our website we are bringing you into a world of switches, sockets, dimmers, and other wiring accessories, with pictures and complete description, and with a great wizard to help you find what you need.
  • Comprehensive specifications for most of the products on the website. Most of the items on the website come with both technical details, wiring and installation instructions, a collection of pictures, together with a description of what that item is. You are also clear on what other items a product requires, and many times you can see a video introducing that product. Take a look and see!
  • Wishlist and Compare Functionality: do you want to compare two products and see which one is better or more suitable for your need? Do you want to save an item for a later viewing? These functions come as standard with each and every one of our products.
  • A Great Mobile Experience: our website is fully mobile responsive, which means that no matter what screen you use to view our website, you will get it right - with all the functions. You can order online switches, sockets, lights, etc whether you use a computer, a laptop, a tablet, an iPad, an iPhone, a Blackberry, a Windows phone, or any Android phone. We ensure that your experience is great one even while browsing the website!
  • Ask us a Question: while we are tirelessly working on providing the best pictures and most accurate description and technical details for every product on our website, sometimes you may want to know something else about a particular product. No problem: ask us a question! Our team of consultants is ready to reply by email and give you the best information for the items that you need.
  • Excellent Online Shopping Experience: once you locate the item/s you need, you can simply add them to the shopping cart and then check out, with the possibility of a Guest Checkout or a Registered Account. The registration process is smooth, clean, easy to complete, and 1-2-3, you're done! Plus, your online payment is safe and secure guaranteed by SagePay and PayPal.
  • Switches and Sockets Wizard: when it comes to selecting the finish, the plate type, and the switch/socket/insert, etc, it's not that easy; that's why we have a "Switches and Sockets Wizard", a tool that helps you find the devices you need. We are constantly working on this unique tool so that the visitor would be only one click away from the device he needs.
  • Improved Predictive Search Engine: when you don't know where the product you're looking for is, simply search for it. Search by model number, manufacturer, generic description, or any other keyword you think it should be in the features of that product. The search engine on our website provides you both with a drop-down predictive search and a list of accurate search results.
  • Solid Terms and Conditions clearly specifying all you need to know about ordering, returns, refunds, delivery charges, and other "small print" matters which make the business run smoothly.
  • Like, Share, and Pin: if you like a certain item, you can share it on Facebook, tweet it, +1 it, or even Pin it (and if you want to share it on a different social network, simply select from the drop-down list). Each and every product can be shared with friends and colleagues via the social networks.
  • Call us. Tweet us. Like us. +1 us. We are where people are: from 8am to 5pm Monday - Friday (and 8.30am to 2pm on Saturday, except Bank Holidays) we are available at 020 7263 8007. We are on twitter ready to answer your queries via @sparksdirect. We are on Facebook with a great Facebook page at Sparks Direct. We are on Google Plus with our Sparks Electrical Wholesalers business page. Wherever you need us and you want to reach us, we are there.
Plus, we are working on some very cool features for our website so that you may interact with us better, review the products, offer feedback, and many other things.

Stay tuned to see what's new at www.sparksdirect.co.uk, and don't forget to wish us luck at the 2014 Electrical Wholesaler Awards in May!