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The Aico Ei2110 Multi-Sensor alarm for the Ultimate Home Protection, hard-wired or RadioLINK connected

  2010-03-19         admin         Product News » Fire and Security News
The Aico Ei2110 series is a multi-sensor, mains powered alarm with rechargeable Lithium Back-up. This Multi-Sensor is the ideal alarm for the Ultimate Protection. With the Easi-Fit and the i-fire technology incorporated, the Aico Ei2110 is the ideal multi-sensor fire alarm. Up to now, there have only been three types of alarms available - the optical alarm, the heat alarm, and the ionisation alarm. Each one is best suited to a different fire type(e.g. flaming fire, smouldering fire, etc). The Ei2110 Multi-sensor changes everything - it has two sensors in it, both the optical and the heat sensor, so that it gives the best response to all different fire types.

For the ultimate protection, fit the Aico Ei2110 Multi-Sensor fire alarm - part of the "intelligent fire" or "i-fire" Series. A mains powered alarm, the Aico Ei2110 multi-sensor alarm has the added benefit of built-in, tamper-proof rechargeable Lithium cells as back-up. But the real key to the Aico Ei2110 is its two separate sensing technologies - Optical and Heat.  As such, the unit is capable of monitoring two very different by-products of a fire - smoke and heat - so that its response to all fire types is significantly improved when compared with traditional single sensor type units.  It also makes it less vulnerable to false alarms.

Main features of the Aico Ei2110 multi-sensor alarm

  • Two sensors included, the Optical sensor and the Heat detector;
  • Improved response to all the different fire types;
  • This alarm responds to both slow smouldering fires(sofas, TVs) and fast flaming fires(Papers, clothing, etc);
  • The unique automatic "dust compensation" reduces the false alarms;
  • One single person test feature - allows you to easily check the interconnected alarms;
  • This multi-sensor alarm is third party accredited by BSI(BS EN 14604: 2005);
  • It can be used for siting in the hallway, in the landing area, in the living room, or in the bedroom(guidance only; see BS 5839-6:2004 for full info);
  • Mains powered multi-sensor Aico alarm;
  • 10 year rechargeable Lithium Back-Up battery;
  • Easi-fit Technology - easy to install;
  • Can be either hard-wired or connected via RadioLINK;
  • Includes Test / Hush button;
  • This multi-sensor alarm has a 5 year guarantee.
The Building Regulations for the houses with more than 2 storeys state that there needs to be a detector in every room. There are two main ways to inter-link / connect the detectors that need to be installed into the different kind of rooms/spaces existing in this kind of homes: either a hard-wired connection(you will need to put up wires to connect the alarms, mainly practiced in places where a renovation work is in progress/there is a possibility to do this/new built places) or wireless interconnection(in any building that one does not want to "digg into the walls" or re-model the house, in the grade 2 rated buildings, old homes, or in any situation). As regards the Grade 2 listed buildings - the historical ones, protected by law - any modification / damage to the wall or the ceiling both inside and outside is prohibited - for these cases, it is recommended to install a wireless RadioLINK interconnection for the different detectors to be sited.

Aico Ei2110 For the Ultimate Protection - the hard-wired connection

For the Ultimate Protection for your house, the Aico Ei2110 can be hard-wired with the following devices to have a circuit of home fire detection system:

Aico Ei2110 for the Ultimate Protection - Wireless connection with the RadioLINK base

When is connected with the RadioLINK base (which provides wireless connection) - the Aico Ei2110 connected with the Aico Ei168RC base - the fire detection system is connected via the radio waves, using: You can order the Aico Ei2110 at the Domestic Fire Alarms via our website, or view more details at Fire-Detect.co.uk.