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The Forbes and Lomax Combination range(telecom, data, audio, and visual devices)

The Forbes and Lomax Combination range(telecom, data, audio, and visual devices)

  2011-09-13         sparksdirect         Product News » Switches and Sockets News

The Forbes and Lomax Combination range(telecom, data, audio, and visual devices); in the picture: the Single gang 2 way rocker switchForbes and Lomax offers some of the most classy and stylish switches and sockets, including the Invisible Switch / the invisible plate.

One of the most recent additions to their range is - at the request of the public and as a further development of their amazing range - the Combination Range.

The way it works is simple: the Forbes and Lomax Combination Range allows you to create multi-gang combinations of telecom and data modules alongside audio and visual outlets.

Most switches and sockets manufacturers do NOT produce atypical combinations of data, telecom, audio, and visual sockets - but Forbes and Lomax offers you a way around it with the Combination Range of Data / Visual / Telecom sockets.

The Combination Range from Forbes and Lomax

Simply put, you can take most of the single and two gang telecom / data / audio / visual socket modules and combine them on the plate you desire. 3G and 4G combinations are available in a modular format.

The range is available in all the Forbes and Lomax finishes with an option of White insert(W) or Black insert(B). What modules can you put on a 1G or 2G combination range plate from Forbes and Lomax?

Single or double RJ45 CAT5 / CAT6 sockets, Single or double telecom master sockets, single or twin telecom slave sockets, single or double TV sockets, single satellite F connector, and any combinations of these can be made into the desired / needed Combination Plate from Forbes and Lomax!

How does the Combination Range work?

Select a combination plate in your specific finish and then choose which modules you require - indicating whether you want white(W) or black(B) inserts. For example, let's say you want a 3 gang combination plate in the painted range containing 1 x TV, 1 x SAT, and 1 x CAT5 with white inserts. For this, you need to order the following:
  • 1 X 3GCOMBO [the 3 gang painted plate]
  • 1 X COAX/W [the single coax / TV module]
  • 1 X SAT/W [the single satellite module]
  • 1 X C5/W [the single CAT5 module]
We are now in the process of putting these devices online - at the Forbes and Lomax section - and working out a way to make it simple to combine them together so that you may obtain the device you need. As we mentioned above, the available modules are: telecom master sockets, telecom slave sockets, cat 5 sockets, cat 6 sockets, RJ12 sockets, blank modules, TV(non isolated), satellite F connector, Hi-Spec(inc Ethernet), speaker outlets, and Phono. As for the plates, there are the 3 Gang plates and the 4 Gang plates(larger combinations up to 12 gang are available on request). If you are interested in this range, do not hesitate to contact us - send us an email with your request at sales @ sparksdirect.co.uk or leave us a comment here.