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The GU10 downlight converter kit helps you deal with the larger cutout holes in the ceiling

  2010-02-27         admin         Advice » Lighting Design Advice
Did it ever happen to you that you install one light fitting so that after a period of time to want to change it? Or you moved into a place where the lights are those old-style pendants or downlights - with a large cutout hole. Unfortunately, many times the hole cutout for the old fitting is LARGER than the hole cutout for the new light fitting(for some reason, most of the newer light fittings have smaller cutouts). This is especially true in the case of the old fashion mains downlights/pendants.

Or maybe you want to install a downlight / recessed gimbal light, which has a cutout that is much smaller than any of the other ceiling light fittings.  The solution is the "downlight converter kit" which "covers" the hole - converting the old fitting hole to the new one at a minimal cost! This range of downlight converter kits is aestethically pleasing and can be fitted anywhere in the house(with the exception of the bathrooms) - without you having to either manually fill in the gap or have a new ceiling put in.  This Circular Conversion plate also works fine in the case of replacing some large old fashion mains downlights with some smaller downlight solutions.

On our website you can find the Downlight Converter Kit who comes supplied with GU10 and both Mains Voltage & Low voltage Lamp holders. It is the ideal product for converting a traditional old type fitting to a modern type using a minimal budget, or covering a hole that is too large in the ceiling and having a nice fixed downlight. Available in white finish, this is a pleasing recessed converter.

The GU10 Downlight Converter kit includes

  • 1 x pressed steel downlight fitting(does not include lamp);
  • 1 x Convertor plate;
  • 1 x stirrup;
  • 1 x GU10 Mains Voltage Lampholder;
  • 1 x Low Voltage Lampholder;
  • Notes: - Finish: White or Satin Steel. - Covers any hole from 48mm - 120mm
  • Buy online the GU10 Downlight Converter Kit.
Convert the traditional mains R50, R64, R80 Downlights and the R50, R64 Eyeballs to modern Mains GU10 or Low Voltage lighting - the GU10 & the Low Voltage lampholders are supplied.

You can purchase online either the Downlight Converter Kit or just the Circular Conversion plate(covers up to 18cm diameter, takes lamps with 7cm max cutout) - via the Recessed Fixed Ceiling Lights.