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the Heritage Brass Euro Module plates help you customize your devices!

the Heritage Brass Euro Module plates help you customize your devices!

  2012-05-14         sparksdirect         Product News » Switches and Sockets News

There are many "standard combinations" of wiring devices which people purchase and use.

You have the twin socket, the double switch, the triple dimmer, etc.

They come "as standard", and all you can choose is the type of the plate (stepped, flat, raised, etc) and the finish (brass, nickel, stainless steel, black nickel, etc).

They are also the most common ones, being installed in new dwellings / offices by default.

To customize and search for the standard combination of wiring devices at Sparks, try our Switches and Sockets Wizard.
But what about the cases when you want your own combination of wiring devices? You want an elite stepped plate in brushed chrome with a BT phone socket and an audio socket, or an HDMI socket.

Or maybe you want a dimmer, a switch, and a telephone socket / audio socket! What about these more peculiar yet more customized situations?

The Euro Module Plates from Heritage Brass

The solution is simple - most manufacturers offer you now ONLY THE PLATE - you purchase the finish and the plate you need, and then you can select the modules you want to be on the plate!

Recently we updated our website with the Heritage Brass Euro Module plates - you can select the desired finish and plate and then purchase the Euro Modules separately!

It is becoming now increasingly popular that you have in your home / office not only the classical combinations of wiring devices but more customized ones according to the need!

What you will need to take care of is that the plates and the finishes would match everywhere in the room / in the house!

If you install the Heritage Brass stepped plate in polished brass, the rest of the plates of the devices in the house have to match this one!

You have full power to mix-and-match the Euro modules as needed - just select the plate and the specific modules!

Take a look at the existing Euro Module plates from Heritage Brass, or take a look at the other Modular and Grid Systems - mainly the MK, GET, or other Euro Plates and modules.

Please accept our apologies for the lack of pictures, but as soon as we work it out with the manufacturer, we will update this detail also.