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The Manrose 12 Volt SELV Fan Range, Safety Extra Low Voltage Bathroom/Shower Extractor Fans

  2010-02-03         admin         Product News » Ventilation News
This range of low voltage Manrose extractor fans is designed for wall, ceiling or window mounting. The 12 Volt (SELV) extractor fans are available in three diameters - the Manrose 100mm (4") extractor fans, the Manrose 120mm (5") extractor fans and the Manrose 150mm (6") extractor fans, and in seven options. Suitable for mounting within the splash area of a shower or bath (where current regulations prevent the use of conventional fans), the Manrose 12 Volt fan is a standard model manufactured with a 12V - 50Hz shaded pole motor. The transformer and switching mechanism is mounted remotely either in the roof space or high on the ceiling next to the pull-cord switch. Of course, the pull-cord, humidistat, PIR and the combined versions have to be mounted inside the room where the fan is installed and out of the reach of the person using the bath or shower. Read more below about the main features of the Manrose SELV fans, the main models available, and more data about the dimensions + the performance graph.

Manrose Low Voltage Fan Range - the Manrose SELV - Features

  • A Centrifugal 12 Volt fan is available, fitted with a backward curved centrifugal impeller for large airflow against the high pressures caused by longer lengths of ducting and resistance by grilles.
  • The extract rate of the 100mm (4") model is 85m3/hr 23 litres a second, the 120mm (5") 130m3/hr 36 litres per second and the 150mm 230m3/hr 64 litres per second.
  • The CF200LV centrifugal fan has an extract rate of 110m3/hr 31 litres per second.
  • The units are all manufactured using high impact ABS thermoplastics for strength and durability, aesthetics and easy cleaning.
  • Power is provided by a single phase induction motor with pre-oiled bearings for a long, maintenance-free life.
  • Designed to exceed the 2006 Building Regulations on Ventilation (F1), rated to IP44.
  • Electrical data: 12 volts AC. - 50Hz. 14W on XF/WF100, 20W on XF/WF120LV, XF/WF150BLV and CF200LV. Supplied by a remote safety isolating transformer - Manrose type T12 series.

Manrose SELV Fans - Available 12v fan Models

  • The Manrose XF100LV/XF100ALV - Wall or ceiling mounted /Automatic wall or ceiling SELV extractor fan;
  • The Manrose WF100LV/WF100ALV - Window mounted /Automatic window SELV extractor fan;
  • The Manrose XF120LV/XF120ALV - Wall or ceiling mounted /Automatic wall or ceiling SELV extractor fan;
  • The Manrose WF120LV/WF120ALV - Window mounted /Automatic window SELV extractor fan;
  • The Manrose XF150BLV/XF150ALV - Wall or ceiling mounted /Automatic wall or ceiling SELV extractor fan(Uses LT12 Transformer);
  • The Manrose WF150BLV/WF150ALV - Window mounted /Automatic window SELV extractor fan(Uses LT12 Transformer);
  • The Manrose CF200LV - Wall or ceiling SELV extractor fan(Uses LT12 Transformer).

In the image above, there are two graphs - the Performance Graphs from Manrose(the 12V extractor fans). Here are the performance graphs data:

  • (A) XF/WF100LV 85m3/hr, 23 litres per second
  • (B) XF/WF120LV 130m3/hr, 36 litres per second
  • (C) XF/WF150BLV 230m3/hr, 64 litres per second
  • (D) CF200LV 110m3/hr, 31 litres per second
Remember, if you want to purchase Manrose Low Voltage - actually Safety Extra Low Voltage - Extractor fans, visit the Manrose Extractor fans and choose the right model. If you want a certain model that is not on the website, do not hesitate to contact us.