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4.5kW 370m3/h Suspended Ceiling Heater for Mounting into a 600 x 600mm Ceiling Grid c/w Egg-crate Grille

Model No. SCHG45 by: BN Thermic
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This is the BN Thermic SCHG-45, a 4.5kW 370m3/h Suspended Ceiling Heater for Mounting into a 600 x 600mm Ceiling Grid c/w Egg-crate Grille.

The BN Thermic SCHG-45 4.5kW Ceiling Grid Heater is ideal for direct mounting into a standard 600mm x 600mm ceiling grid, commonly found in retail premises.  The Grid Heater comes with a egg-crate grille and is fantastically suited for shops, as it will not occupy any valuable floor or wall space. Your customers will be delighted by the 4.5kW of the heat output as they walk under its comfortable heat and 370m3/h airflow. It is recommended to be mounted approximately 3m to 4 metres above the floor level.

It is designed to rest in the T-bar of a 600mm x 600mm suspended ceiling grid. The construction of 0.9mm steel case and aluminium air diffuser, and the fan is assembled as a tangential fan with low noise aluminium blades, minimising disturbances to the customers assembling below. A crucial aspect come with the heating element: this is made of a high-quality nickel-chrome resistance wire that is supported by ceramic plates and also fitted with an automatically resetting over-temperature device.

It can be controlled from a CS-7 wall mounted controller with multiple settings, which can also be used in conjunction with an existing room thermostat. The controller has to be ordered separately.

This unobtrusive heater is ideal for retail premises: offering quiet, overhead heat to unknowing but grateful customers. It is made of premium quality materials and can be fitted into the standard 600mm x 600mm ceiling grid formation found in many stores with ease of installation. This all merges to make the SCHG-45 the perfect suspended ceiling fan/heater, also clocking in at an impressively low price considering the running costs it will save you.

This suspended ceiling heater produces a totally dry heat, no condensation, no gas, no fumes. It reaches maximum heat output within a minute from being turned on. It is quick and easy to install reducing installation costs. Used with the CS-7 controller it can provide low / high heat or fan only settings.

4.5kW 600x600mm Suspended Ceiling Heater - Features

  • It is designed to rest in the T bar of a 600 x 600 suspended ceiling grid
  • Ideal for installing in commercial premises such as shops, cafes, changing rooms, entrance areas.
  • The output can be reduced from ‘high’ to ‘low’ by removing link in terminal enclosure
  • Fan Assembly: Tangential fan with low noise aluminium fan blades. Shaded pole high performance motor. Factory lubricated bearings (servicing not required)
  • It comes supplied complete with the egg-crate grille.
  • Heating Element: High quality nickel-chrome resistance wire supported by ceramic plates and fitted with an automatically resetting over-temperature device
  • Control: Temperature control can be provided by a room thermostat. Can be controlled by CS-7 wall mounted controller for on/off/high heat/low heat and fan only settings. CS-7 can be used in conjunction with a room thermostat
  • Installation: Designed to rest in the T-bar of a 600 x 600 suspended ceiling grid. Recommended mounting heights 2.5m to 4m above floor level.
  • Guarantee: 1 year

BN Thermic SCHG-45 Ceiling Grid Heater - Specs

  • kW: 4.5kW (4500W)
  • Mains voltage supply: 220-240V
  • Fan heater for direct mounting into a 600mm x 600mm ceiling grid.
  • Dimensions: 576mm width, 592mm length, 153mm height / depth.
  • Required clearance above grid: 200mm
  • Safety distance from the heater: 1.5m
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Airflow: 370 m3/h
  • Sound output: 60db at 2m (Noise levels are factory tested, not laboratory tested)
  • Mounting height: 3.0m to 4.0m. 
  • Colour: Exposed surfaces white RAL9016. Other surfaces zinc plated steel
  • Finish: Epoxy polyester powder coating
  • Construction: 0.9mm steel case. Aluminium air diffuser in brilliant white

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Overhead Heaters and Air Curtains insure Heating and Cooling in Retail / Shops

A major requirement for all high street shops is that they should have reliable heating systems - and warm air curtains help with this. This will maintain a comfortable working environment for the staff and will provide a warm welcome for customers. Occasionally, there is also a need to protect stock against the negative effects of cold temperatures. For instance, in a supermarket, it is imperative that certain areas of the store remain at the correct temperature so the food doesn’t spoil. In the cases of shops and small rooms, wall and floor space are at a premium - meaning it is always in use. So the preferred location for heaters is wall-mounted at a high level or on the ceiling. BN Thermic has been providing quality overhead heating for decades now to a wide variety of property types. In this article, Sparks will look at the best options for small shops and showrooms when it comes to heating their premises. Why overhead heaters are the perfect solution for commercial premises High-level, wall-mounted heaters are commonly used for space heating in many smaller shops. However, in order to allow for the free use of wall space and to provide improved heat distribution, larger shops will require ceiling-mounted heaters. In venues or shops where a suspended ceiling has been installed, a range of BN Thermic heaters are available to fit directly into a 600mm x 600mm grid pattern. These heaters provide a pleasant welcome to customers and a concentrated boost to the air temperature. This offsets the heat loss associated with ‘open door’ policies for stores. Sparks sells a range of BN Thermic overhead heaters, which would be a smart purchase for shop owners or showroom managers. The 4.5kW ‘Egg Crate’ overhead heater will prove to be an excellent addition to any commercial property. Your customers will be delighted as they stroll under its comfortable heat output and warm airflow.Overhead Heaters at Sparks Air curtains: an overhead heating solution for all seasons Air curtains are an overhead heating option that will satisfy the needs of shop or showroom owners. They are mounted above doorways and produce a high-velocity air stream that creates an ‘invisible barrier’ between indoor and outdoor climates. Air curtains will help reduce heating costs in winter and air conditioning costs in summer, without reducing foot traffic. In cooler conditions, the ‘chill factor’ linked with high-velocity air streams can be troublesome and uncomfortable for customers. Air curtains negate the chill factor with electric heating elements which warm the airstream and contribute to a building’s heating requirements. Air curtains also have a health benefit, as they reduce the ingress of pollutants and insects. Sparks has some of BN Thermic's excellent warm air curtains in stock. They come in 9kW and 18kW versions, depending on the velocity stream you find most convenient and the size of the door entry (single or double).Buy Warm Air Curtain Heaters Advantages of overhead heating in Retail and Shops Overhead heaters are perfect for the retail industry, as they provide both cold and warm air to comfort your customers and employees. Overhead heaters have the following advantages for your business or showroom: They put less of a burden on any existing heating systems. This results in less usage, and the improved lifespan and functionality of your current heating system. They reduce building running costs. Traditional heating systems in commercial units can be inefficient - this is especially true in large premises. Commercial air curtains can keep harmful pollution, chemicals, and smells away from your customers, staff, and valuable products. Using less energy to heat your building will reduce the amount of CO2 emissions produced. They increase visibility for customer safety. A closed or obstructed glass door can pose a hazard to staff and customers. This could result in expensive equipment being damaged or customer lawsuits. They increase customer comfort. Keeping customers happy is important to all businesses. Cold premises keep customers away and may affect the productivity of your staff. An air curtain will help create a friendly atmosphere and will attract the public - it could also keep them inside for longer. Access for the disabled and trolleys. Disabled people and/or customers with trolleys can find opening and closing doors difficult. Commercial air curtains provide great accessibility for members of the public with their open-door capabilities. Overhead heating: the perfect heating solution for your commercial property Overhead heaters and commercial properties make for a perfect combination. They provide all kinds of advantages as outlined above, and you will be happy to know we sell a variety of them here at Sparks. Their adaptability to the outdoor environment and subsequent savings would satisfy the needs of any shop owner or showroom manager. Using a steady stream of air to form a protective barrier, air curtains block out cold weather, pollution, bad smells, and insects. This leaves you with a warm and pleasant environment inside.


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