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Two of the most outstanding ranges of switches and sockets for interior use, Forbes and Lomax AND Heritage Brass are British Wiring Devices Manufacturers producing high quality switches, sockets, spurs, connection units, data sockets, TV/satellite sockets, grid modules, etc. Also, the types in which you can purchase these devices vary, from the Invisible Plate to the Flat Metal Plates, Raised Plates, or Stepped Plates. As for the finish, you can pick and choose - stainless steel, satin brass, unlacquered brass, antique bronze, nickel silver, painted plate, etc. Below are some of the articles we have put together for your reading / consulting regarding these two popular ranges of switches and sockets.

Forbes and Lomax switches and sockets

Heritage Brass – M-Marcus – switches and sockets

Remember: you can find all the Forbes and Lomax ranges and the Heritage Brass ranges of switches and sockets at the dedicated website for the Switches and Sockets - Switches-and-Sockets.co.uk. Also, read more about the Switches and Sockets at SparksDirect via the article directory for Switches, Sockets, and Wiring Devices.