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2010 blog stats for the SparksDirect blog - the most read articles at Blog Sparks Direct

  2011-01-07         admin         Sparks Direct News » SEO updates
Since everyone these days is talking / bragging about their stats, some even inventing top 10 lists and other Best of the Best posts, here we are with a small list of the top 10 pages you, our visitors, paid most attention to in year 2010. Based on the StatPress statistics Wordpress gracefully and freely offers, one can see which posts are most "interesting" or "sought for". You will have to understand though, most of these articles may not be "of interest" to you personally, but people search online for the things they need, and here's what they find :) We hope that the quality of the articles on our website is improving, and we're looking forward to more engaging conversations with the visitors and the customers - on the blog!
  • The Full Hager Consumer Units Guide to the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations - Part 1 and Part 2(Consumer Unit arrangements) - For well over one hundred years the Wiring Regulations have provided the rules which must be followed to make sure that electrical installations are safe. The introduction of the 17th Edition of the Wiring Regulations on the 1st January 2008 has major implications for all Electrical Contractors, Designers and Consultants. Installations designed from 1st July 2008 must comply with this new set of Regulations. [continue reading...]
  • Xenon lights – concealed lighting – picture gallery 2 - All I can say is WOW. Just take a look and admire the following pictures of some more applications(see the first X-Flex picture gallery) of the X-Flex technology of the Xenon lights – from the restaurants to the bathroom and shower lights, conference rooms and bedrooms - you can apply this new technology to everywhere your imagination leads you! [view the pictures...]
  • RCD – Residual Current Device, principle of operation; RCD, RCCB, RCBO, CBR and SRCD - What is a RCD? RCD – Residual Current Device - is a generic term for all types of residual current operated device which by definition is: A mechanical switching device or association of devices intended to cause the opening of the contacts when the residual current attains a given value under specified conditions[continue reading...]
  • IP rating in the bathrooms – bathroom IP zoning - What is IP zoning, especially for bathrooms? We have also written about IP rating in general, but what about the IP zones in a bathroom? To illustrate the IP zoning regulations, we have divided the bathroom into areas or “zones“, which are classified using the numbers 0, 1, 2[continue reading...]
  • Wiring Regulations 17th Edition, BS7671, introduction to the IEE Wiring Regulations - The IET (The Institution of Engineering and Technology) put out some time ago the red-cover book containing the Wiring Regulations 17th Edition, BS 7671 (The IEE Wiring Regulations), which are the national standard to which all domestic and industrial wiring must conform[continue reading...]
  • Lights - A large index of the most popular articles introducing the wall lights, spotlights, interior lights, ceiling lights, garden lights, fluorescent lights, etc - found at SparksDirect.co.uk[continue reading...]
  • Bathroom lights, over mirror bathroom light, Tallin 300 and Tallin 600 - Bathroom lights – over mirror lights – some of the most recommended, most popular lights for bathrooms are the Tallin series. Today we would like to introduce 2 of the best seller over mirror lights, Tallin 300 and Tallin 600; the main difference between them being their dimensions and the lamp they use[continue reading...]
  • Hager guide: Hager Junction Box Guide to the 17th Edition part 2 - this is the second part of the Hager Junction Box Guide to the 17th edition, dealing with Building regulations, downlighter junction boxes, maintenance free connections, etc[continue reading...]
  • Switches - great compilation of popular articles introducing wide ranges of switches, sockets, dimmers, dimming systems, switched sockets, socket outlets, fused spurs, etc[continue reading...]
There's a little something for everyone on our blog! :) Every day we're doing our best to introduce not only the products we sell or the ranges we promote, but also some interesting facts about the Electrical Safety, some Rules and Regulations, etc. Keep an eye on the SparksDirect blog for more...