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The Lutron GRAFIK Eye QS adjusts the lights and shades at the touch of a button!

The Lutron GRAFIK Eye QS adjusts the lights and shades at the touch of a button!

  2011-11-17         sparksdirect         Product News » Dimming Systems News
If you are looking for an easy and efficient way to control both the electric light and the daylight, take a look at the Lutron GRAFIK Eye QS. A fully customizable system, the GRAFIK Eye QS adjusts lights and shades for any task or activity at the touch of a button. You will save energy while meeting the aesthetic, functional, and regulatory needs of any project or space.

Please note: some of the Lutron QS systems below are not available anymore; full list of Lutron Items at Sparks here.

What are the benefits of using the Lutron Grafik Eye QS?

  • Improve comfort and productivity # Ensures the right visual environment for any activity through simple, preset lighting scenes # Increases employee productivity by 5-10% by giving them the ability to work in their preferred light level
  • Save energy and comply with codes # Reduces lighting energy usage up to 60% with high-end trim, personal control, integral astronomic time clock, occupancy/vacancy and daylight sensing, and after-hours mode # Cuts cooling and heating costs by up to 10% when using with Lutron shades # Complies with ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2007, IECC, and California Title 24 energy codes # Reduces greenhouse gases by eliminating unnecessary energy use
  • Some of the control strategies used in the Lutron Grafik Eye QS (full dimming system);
  • Simplify design and integration # Connects directly to Sivoia® QS wired or wireless shades, occupancy/vacancy and daylight sensors, keypads, and digital ballasts # Includes astronomic timeclock without the need to connect to a third party device # Integrates easily with A/V, HVAC, and other systems through RS232/Ethernet/CCI
  • Enhance flexibility and expandability # Digital programming is easily reconfigurable to meet the changing needs of a project or space # Add components to grow the size and capabilities of the system
  • Lutron QS customisable preset light and blind control system;
  • The main features of the Lutron Grafik Eye QS Control Panel.

Some Applications of the Lutron Grafik Eye QS

  • Conference Room: Create a multi-functional space that will allow for quick and easy transitions of the space and lighting. Preprogrammed lighting scenes for common room tasks enable intuitive use.
  • Hotel Ballroom: Create the perfect ambiance to match the room’s varying activities. Add in partition sensors to allow for quick and easy transitions of space and lighting with minimal interruptions.
  • Classroom: Enhance the learning environment to improve performance and comfort. Integrate sensors to save energy and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Home Theater: Make your home entertainment experience truly enjoyable by creating lighting scenes that fit with the room’s core activities.
  • Other applications: Restaurants, Lecture halls, Retail floor spaces, and Worship space.
  • Grafik Eye QS multi-room control, light and blind control solution for mid-size luxury homes and flats.
  • Lutron Grafik QS preset scenes for commercial and residential settings; Lutron residential light and blind solutions.

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