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4 Simple Patio Heating Solutions for Home Use

4 Simple Patio Heating Solutions for Home Use

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If you have a large back garden or patio and you want to heat it up, one or more patio heaters can help you have a cozy evening even on the chilliest of the nights. Patio heating solutions are gas, propane, or electric heaters designed to heat up oudoor spaces.

Why do we need them? It is because we love to be outdoor or at least we need to be outdoor for a short while.

Isn't it much better to feel warm on the patio while having a call or spending time with the family? Isn't it more comfortable to have a nice warm space on the patio instead of constantly feeling cold while having a cuppa with some friends?

And now this is possible at a cost that won't break the bank. For example, you don't need to use a gas heater necessarily - you can simply use electric heaters.

These are designed to focus the heat on a certain area. There are also the infrared patio heating solutions, also called radiant heater, which heat up not the air in general but the people in their range.

A patio heater is simply an outdoor heater that can heat up the patio; it can be wall or ceiling mounted, or it can be floor-standing. Here are some simple patio heating solutions for home use.

4 Simple Patio Heating Solutions for Home use

When we call these simple patio heating solutions we really mean it - you can simply purchase them and install them, and they work. It is as simple as that.

And depending on what your outdoor heating needs are, you can select between a pendant heater, a floor standing heater, or a wall mounted heater.

Do you need it to be movable and shed both some light and some heat? Select the floor standing patio heater.

Do you want it to be fixed under a canopy and heat up your favorite spot? Choose the wall-mounted patio heater.

Do you want it hanging from the ceiling, ready to be switched on when needed? How about the pendant heater.

Here are some of the most simple patio heating solutions at home. 

Wall or Ceiling Mounted Patio Heater in Black

Wall or Ceiling Mounted Patio Heater in Black

If you are looking for a wall or ceiling mounted patio heater coming complete with a PIR and with a high IP rating, we recommend this Black Patio Heater with PIR.

It has three power settings and it comes with a PIR occupancy sensor so that it heats up the surrounding space only when presence is detected.

In this way you don't have to worry about leaving the heater on.

What's even better, this has a 4h timer, so at most the heater will stay on for 4 hours after presence is detected. Here are the main specs which may interest you:

  • It covers 25 meter squared, great for heating an outdoor space.
  • It comes in black, easy to blend in. 
  • Large size, 1.2m width, for wall or ceiling mounting.
  • IP55 rated, great for outdoor use.
  • It comes with a remote control and it has 3 power settings.
  • It has a PIR sensor and auto shut off/auto start eco setting.
  • It has a 4h timer incorporated and it comes with 1.9m cable. 

You can purchase this wall/ceiling mounted patio heater here.

Pendant Patio Heater with Pull Cord Switch

Pendant Patio Heater with Pull Cord Switch

Ideal for installing underneath a canopy, this IP34 rated pendant heater comes in a silver finish and uses a halogen element.

If you need to turn it on, simply pull the cord, and if you need it to be off, pull the cord again. It is a great solution for offering warm heating to seating areas or outdoor patios.

You can definitely use this in some sheltered parts of your garden.

Here are some of the main features of this pendant patio heater:

  • It comes in a silver finish and has a chain a pull cord switch. 
  • It is IP34 rated, safe for outside use under a canopy or roof. 
  • It offers heating for approx. 15 square metres.
  • Halogen element Coral pendant heater. 
  • Diameter of 42cm and height of 24cm.

You can buy this pendant heater at Sparks

Floor Standing Patio Heater with Pull Cord Switch

Floor Standing Patio Heater with Pull Cord Switch

Using a halogen element to heat up it surroundings, this Floor Standing Patio Heater also has a pull cord switch for switching on when needed and off when not needed.

It is great to offer heating to outdoor patios, seating areas, and sheltered or covered parts of your garden.

It is 2m tall and it comes in silver, quite stylish in appearance. If you need it moved in a different location, this can be done quite easily, after making sure it is not plugged in.

The area covered by this the heat offered by this patio heater is approx. 20 square metres. It also has two heat settings, in case you need more heat than normal.

Here are some of the main specs of this floor standing patio heater:

  • It is a floor standing patio heater with a pull cord switch. 
  • IP rated at IP34 for outdoor us under a canopy or shelter.
  • It is 2m tall and it has two heat settings. 
  • Heat coverage is approx. 20 square metres.
  • It has a diameter of 50cm for offering heat. 

This floor standing patio heater can be purchased here.

Wall Patio Heater with Bluetooth Speaker

Wall Patio Heater with Bluetooth Speaker

If you are looking for something a little more interesting when it comes to patio heating, why not try this black wall-mounted patio heater with bluetooth speakers.

Why not listen to your favorite music while chilling outside on the patio?

This heater has an IP rating of IP65 which makes it suitable for outdoor use, even under rain, and it comes with wireless speaker and remote control.

Full instructions and fixings are included in the package. Here are the main features of this wall patio heater with speaker:

  • It comes in black and is for wall-mounting only.
  • Play your favorite music via the wireless speakers.
  • 1.5m black power cord included. 
  • IP65 rated for exterior lighting. 
  • Provides perfect ambience on a chilly evening. 
  • It offers heat for 12 square metres. 

You can purchase this black wall radiant patio heater with speaker here.

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